Thursday, August 24, 2006

Internet Traffic Accident du jour.

I couldn't help it. I followed the link from HuffPo to Forbes and had to slow down and gawk.

The essay that started it didn't really offend me. The author clearly has a case of Cliff Clavin Syndrome: "It's a little known fact, Normie, but marrying one of those career girl vixens shrinks your manly parts until all you have are two cocktail olives and a gherkin pickle! Studies prove it!"

Interestingly, in the article "career girls" are defined as women with college degrees who make over $30,000 a year and work over 35 hours a week, which covers just about any woman with an education and a job, including all of the women in traditionally female careers like teaching, nursing, executive assistants, paralegals, and the like. So this isn't about the big bad shark career woman stomping holes in her babies with her stiletto heels, on her way to the corner office. (The boogy-woman of boy-man nightmares.) Or about being a working mommy. It's working that is the issue. It's any woman who uses the education she paid for to do the job she trained to do. Teachers, go home! Nurses, quit now! Save your marriages, renounce your foul ambition to educate children and heal the sick, and go home to spend your days cleaning the house and washing the skidmarks out of your pathetic little boy-man hubby's drawers, because there lies true marital happiness! This guy is a joke.

It's silly, it's biased, it's insulting to men and women alike. So the article was a roll-eyes and move on. But the comments - holy shit. The level of misogynistic venom in some of the comments is scary. Read at your own risk. And it's not really about working women - it's about women in general. They are evil bitches and the only way to have a happy home is to pick a woman with no ambition and keep her your economic prisoner. There are a lot of believers in that philosophy in those comments.

70% chance of rain today! Did it rain at my house? No.


cursingmama said...

I saw the article and managed to avoid the suckage of myself into it, thank goodness.

If I could send you some of our rain (minus the softball size hail) I would - we've finally started to break our drought weather pattern and it is a good thing. I even got to turn off the sprinklers.

Sue Woo said...

I saw that too. How interesting. Little boys are so insecure and afraid of contributing to housework they try to shame us into staying home and being dependant. A pox upon him.

Amy in StL said...

You're right, the article just made me roll my eyes. Like whatev! But when I started reading the comments it made me sick. As a 35yo single female engineer, I can tell you that it's true. Guys look at girls like me as fun date material, but they marry teachers that they can talk into quitting their job.

*sigh* Unfortunately, I do want a marriage and kids, but I also want a guy that shares household duties and understands that sometimes national emergencies require me to work long hours.

Anonymous said...

Gads! I'd heard about it, but hadn't read it. It was worse than I had imagined.
Our drought finally broke, and we caught up in a week. It was exciting, shall we say.

Sue Woo said...

OT, but I found this and had to pass it on! Augh!

Catherine said...

The scary part is she really is speaking her mind. There isn't much in there, and what there is ain't wired right. And she made the decisions here that ultimately put Bush in office in 2000. It's easy to see how it happened now.