Sunday, August 13, 2006

Random Things

Marcia has the same camera I have. (Scroll down a tad.) I'm happy to read that she is as befuddled by it as I am at times - but look at those stunning photos! Who needs the manual? It's a fantastic camera, though it makes me feel unworthy at times, because it is way smarter than I am. I haven't spent much time reading the manual either - I consider RTFM the last step, not the first, and I am generally quite successful with this approach. My approach to new technology is the same as my approach to knitting - if I need to know how to do something and I don't know how, I look up the instructions and I do it. I don't feel compelled to learn it until I need it. If I need to take nighttime photos, I will read that section of the manual before the nighttime photo event. I don't need to know NOW, so I don't care. I've concluded that this is the female approach to many things, and this is why some men think we are not technologically inclined. Most guys I know, upon receiving this camera, would obsessively read the manual and test every setting, and drag the dog outside to take nighttime photos within 48 hours. I will eventually use every function on this camera, but on a "need to use," basis. Until then, I'm content to let it be way smarter than I am and do the work for me.

A link from Daily Kos led me to The Examining Room of Dr. Charles. Wonderful. Read this and

Coolest blogname: Betty Cracker.

One of these days I must fix my sidebar. Maybe later today, when the heat gets to me. I've been thinking about ditching this format entirely and starting over with a fresh, new blog - new name, new everything - but I'm just too damn lazy.


Geogrrl said...

I read "The Finest Hour" in The Examining Room of Dr. Charles. It reminded my why my own grandmother was adamant about "no heroic measures" as are many of us in my family. My grandmother was allowed to die as peacefully as her illness (and palliative drugs) would allow.

cursingmama said...

whats wrong with the sidebar? I must need more coffee...