Thursday, August 03, 2006

True Schadenfreude

Let me see how I can tell this without too many details.

Morning Meeting. Cupcake is one of the attendees.

Question comes up about X. Cupcake spouts answer. Is Corrected. Immediately whines, "But Catherine told me..."

And Catherine just about came out of her chair, but controlled herself. Because Cupcake didn't read the contract she is supposed to read and understand as part of her job. X is one part of a whole string of things that work together and that are her job to administer, because she is Miss Management. But I didn't get mad, I just told her, coldly, that it's her responsibility to read the contract. More whining, then flouncing off in snit.

So later in the day she did indeed read the contract, and demonstrated that she didn't understand it by emailing me for "clarifications" and cc-ing the new boss. Oh go ahead honey, let him see you can't understand a critical component of your job! So I answered her very nicely - by pointing to the contract provisions she should read, so she will understand.

That didn't work, so she thought she found another "gotcha," and again emailed me for clarification, cc-ing boss again, and was again publicly wrong. And publicly corrected. I let my colleague field that one, so two people could correct her . At this point boss passes me and my colleague in the hall and mutters "What the hell is she doing?" I just shrugged. He made a face. He got it, I didn't need to say anything.

The funniest part is that from her behavior I am sure she is convinced that she is the wronged party here, and that I am an evil bitch who has somehow conspired against her. This is hilarious because I am not the one who decided to cc the boss on every email. I would have answered her privately if she had emailed me privately. I will admit that I did make a mistake - I actually thought she read the things that are critical components of her job, so it didn't occur to me to spoon-feed her information. This wasn't a case of holding back information, she has the document, it's all in there, it's her job to read and understand it. She didn't bother and expected me to tell her every detail. I am not her mother, and as she makes sure everyone knows every few minutes, she is Miss Management. She can bite me.

I love the new boss. He's a whirlwind and very smart and experienced and has been around, and he has plans to revamp my position I am not at liberty to discuss, but I'm very happy. The schadenfreude is just a trivial, but freaking hilarious, distraction. I am finally enjoying my job, and it's a damn shame that some people aren't, but this has nothing to do with me.

Still compulsively knitting tiny hats.

Girl is taking her last test of her undergraduate career. Commencement is on Saturday. Whoo.


poormary said...

Aaahhh.....these are the moments of our lives......:)

Sometimes a shrug says it all!!

Geogrrl said...

Yeah, when I fuck up I usually try to correct the problem BEFORE my boss knows about it. I certainly don't go out of my way to let my boss know I don't know what I'm doing (even if I don't).

ChelleC said...

Congratulate Girlchild on her graduation. She sounds like such a good kid, and I know she worked her butt off to get to this point of achievement. Nice going!

cursingmama said...

Congratulations to you on the job front and on the graduating of the girlchild.
And, congratulations to the girlchild for the graduating - I'm sure all the hard work will pay off.

carlarey said...

Wow, the job is getting better, and the daughter is about to go out into the world. Serious upswing for you.

Nothing ike seeing cupcakes dig themselves into a hole. Better than television.

Catherine said...

Girl was out in the world for 3 years, living on her own and working while going to school. She moved back when it got too hard to do both. Quoth she, "I've been out in the world. That's why I moved back to my mother's house. The world blows."

Now that she has her degree it may be a bit easier. Or not.