Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Wednesday Already?

I woke up all bright and energetic on Monday, got ready for work and was out the door 20 minutes early, instead of my usual 20 minutes late. Got in car. Key in ignition. Car says, "Urgh, urgh." Car does not start. Time for new battery. That was Monday.

Tuesday was fairly uneventful, I can't think of anything that broke except my will to live after being tasked with analyzing all of the reports produced by our department and explaining to the powers that be why they suck. One person does 14 redundant reports all by her own little self.

This morning we had no water. Turn on faucet and nothing comes out. An hour later the water is on again, which is good because I really do need a shower, but I'm betting we are on a boil water alert now and they won't tell us about it until tonight, so it's a good thing our water tastes so nasty I don't even let the dogs drink it.

So I'm standing by for the next surprise - flat tire? Power outage? I'm betting power outage because I just bought a lot of frozen things, including a bag of Publix frozen shrimp, which are very expensive but are the basis of at least 3 quick, mindless and healthy dinners and therefore worth it on a per-meal cost basis. But I'm probably tempting fate.

Boy is employed in Asheville, in fact he has a choice of two jobs and a line on a third that would be really good in terms of both income and potential for advancement. He's still in the restaurant business, despite all attempts to extricate himself, but at least now he's with a corporation with full benefits including profit sharing.

Speaking of profit sharing, I am awaiting my first profit sharing check with this company, and I have no idea how much it will be. The new boss is still a winner, but I am still tempted to go to Asheville and do something relaxed and hospitality oriented, even if it means a whopping pay cut, because if I keep doing what I'm doing I will be a poster girl for burnout by the time I am 50.

I know this is barely a knitting blog lately, but that's because I am barely knitting. I did manage a few repeats on that Helen's Lace shawl on the weekend, but I don't even dare pick it up during the week. One, it's so addictive it's hard to put down, and two, the rows are getting long now and I don't have time to make any real progress in the short bursts of knitting time available on a weekday. So I cast on a linen washcloth. Because when in doubt, there is always a washcloth. But Debi is making me think about socks. And I have a general yearning to make more baby things.

I know many of you are muttering, "Who gives a damn? Where are the dog pictures?" I'll try to add some tonight.


Amie said...

Awww... we love you, too!

You just raise cute dogs!

Auntie M said...

Totally, Baby Socks. Seriously. They are fascinating because they go SO FAST and they are useful and you can use about any yarn you want. Check out how cute they are! ;)
- Auntie M

cursingmama said...

Now see, I don't dare knit during a super busy work week or when I have a heavy freelance workload because I get so stressed out thinking about work while I'm knitting, I'm afraid I'll break a needle. Even a US15.

Ginnie said...

Nah, we give a damn.

Catherine said...

I left the office well after 7, so no dog pictures. I try to knit a bit before I go to sleep, usually with a glass (or two) of wine, to get the work stuff to turn off in my brain. Staying late is bad because the wind-down time is extended later to compensate. I'm going to retreat to my bed with my mindless linen washcloth shortly.

KatyaR said...

I have a horrible time getting up the energy to knit or spin anything during the week--I'm just too tired. Then I spend my entire weekend trying to make up for the fact that I haven't done anything in a week, and I don't get anything else done.

It's a vicious circle, it is.

poormary said...

I give a damn, sorta.

....and can't get enough of socks or dog pix.