Saturday, August 05, 2006

Why Didn't Anyone TELL Me???

Had lunch with Girl and the Boyfriend. Nice guy, I approve, though I did laugh that he looks enough like her maternal grandmother's side of the family to pass as a cousin. Went to Barnes and Noble afterward, because a 20% off sticker was burning a hole in my wallet. Decided to get Mason-Dixon Knitting, based on the enormous buzz online. Buzz buzz buzz, great book, adorable, cool ideas, and none of that buzz (at least none I read) mentioned the many clever patterns using my beloved Euroflax Linen! It was all cotton dishcloths, all the time. Screw the cotton dishcloths! I want that Mason-Dixon After Dark Robe, as a wear-in-public sweater coat. Oh, I like the hand towels too, but more for inspiration than for the patterns provided. I'll consult Barbara Walker and make my own designs. I've done Euroflax washcloths, hand towels are logical, and pretty. Yet I hadn't thought of it. Love the curtain idea, too. I could make a panel for the back door. Love the log cabin afghan, of course. And the felted boxes. Charming book, and fun, put your feet up TV patterns, but it's mostly the inspiration. It's been a long time since I found a knitting book inspirational. Mostly I thumb through them and think that I saw something like that pattern in six different places already. But this one actually has some fresher ideas, and it's fun to read. It makes me energized. I want to start a towel. Or a curtain. And hit Chez Casuelle for some linen for that totally cool drapey wrap "robe" sweater.


Sue Woo said...

I shoulda told you! It's a fun book. I'm making the log cabin afghan for my 85 year old Daddy. He gets cold.

Catherine said...

I'm in heaven over all the inspirational uses for Euroflax! Curtains! Why didn't *I* think of that? I am not actually crazy about their curtain pattern but the concept is awesome. Baby basket liners - perfect, I was already in the baby blanket mode, how cute would a matching set be? That's what got me about the book, it triggered creative juices. Love the log cabin concept, especially the very geometric blocks in neutral colors. I still want to make Boy an afghan for his new place, so when I go up in October I'll scope it out and hit the many cool yarn shops in the area and support the local economy.

ChelleC said...

I've blogged about it, but only recently bought the book myself. But yeah, I love the book for exactly the reasons you say - creative inspiration. I think it's one of the most underrated knitting books out there. It doesn't seem like much. For one thing, the cover is rather dull and boring, but the contents inside are vavoom for the imagination. Chelle