Monday, September 04, 2006

Crochet Fabulosity

I found Hooks, Sticks and String by following a link from Chicknits. Scroll down to the shawl from Happy Hooker - I'd been eyeing that one and now I think I have to make it. And that Solomon's Knot shawl from the Drops website! Her knitting is to die for too.

I love that Sweet Pea shawl - I'm wondering if it would work in that slinky Bambu 7. I think so - it obviously would drape like a dream.

Today's weather is supposed to be a repeat of yesterday's - more violent storms, starting early. Lovely.


Debi said...

I followed the same link....I say go for it, the shawls are stunning!

Catherine said...

I'm always happy when I find a crochet blog with things I want to make. I'm a crocheter but I'm the first to admit that sometimes it can lack in style. She inspired me to drag out the Happy Hooker!

Sue Woo said...

Hi catherine,

This is OT but Matha Stewart's doing the "Cupcake SHow". Thought you would want to know.