Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Go read.

For the random reader/occasional-passer-by who does not already read Crazy Aunt Purl, (because I think my regulars are already there every day) I was on the floor at the improv comedy in the comments.

I have not tried Spanx, but now I think I must. If both The Oprah (sound of trumpets) and The CAP (sound of...cats?) endorsed them, well, damn, I am missing something. Of course, in this humidity the idea of the top of a pair of control top pantyhose as underwear makes me sweat just thinking about it, but it's late September and someday it will not be 90 degrees. Or so they say.

Knitting a man. She may be onto something here. I started thinking about what sort of man one would knit in Florida, considering the climate and all. I know the ones walking around unattached are mostly cheap dishcloth cotton, except for the ones that are high maintenance silk. Wool is of course totally out. The appropriate yarn for a knitted man should be sexy and strong, nice to have close to the skin even in the heat, and of course very washable, because it's really important that a man in this climate believes in showers and deodorant like a religion. And the answer is clear: I gotta knit me a Linen Man. Or just move, because as I'm betting Caroline can attest, it really is different when we leave this state.


caroline said...

oh, yeah. I will be populace No. 181 in Boulder, Utah. Of which 175 are mormon. heh. seriously. Mind you, those mormon boys are just gorgeous but we aren't marching to the same drummer, if you take my meaning. hmmm... Tell Purl that if you were to knit a mormon man of a certain tasty ager, it would have to be out of nice thin strips of sueded leather... and I'm not talking Berroco, here.

dragon knitter said...

i knew you were gonna go down the linen path. you love that stuff too much, lol. if i were to knit aman here, i think i'd go for alpaca/silk. warm, comfy, soft when needed. granted, a little more maintenance, but i can deal with that, as i'm a silk girl myself, lol.

Ginnie said...

Being a rather chubby woman, I got some Spanx the other day that go from waist to ankle. They will be good in winter. But they really do smoosh you in and make pants look better. Not cheap tho, but really worth it.