Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I am going to buy yarn.

Because I am weak, and because I cannot go a month without buying yarn, and because I have been assured by many people who know these things that sock yarn does not count. So I have rewritten my vows and am only buying SOCK yarn until Asheville. Which is tentatively scheduled for the first full weekend in October, and I say tentatively because I haven't cleared it with El Jefe yet. I think it will be okay. If it isn't I'm screwed until the end of October.

I shouldn't feel guilty. With all the re-writing of history and the disregard for law going on in much higher places, breaking a yarn vow is laughable, isn't it?

I'm still working on that "baby blanket." Wasn't there an episode of MASH where either Hawkeye or Margaret was knitting something that just kept getting bigger and bigger? Maybe I have it confused with some other show, but I think it was MASH.

This "baby blanket" has become the Thing That Just Keeps Growing. When I held it up and saw how wide it really was, I had to keep going to make it longer, because a blanket that is wider than it is long would look really stupid. So it's not a baby blanket anymore, it's definitely a child blanket. Not quite a full length blanket, at least not if you define such a thing as long enough to cover the feet and reach to the chin (and that's my definition of a full length adult blanket). But it is still in progress, because it is, ahem, wider than I'd thought when I cast it on, so I might as well just keep going. I have enough pink Softball Cotton, I may as well keep going until I use it all up. I'm almost done, honest. It has not cured my sick obsession with feather and fan, either - I love it more and more, because it's mindless and yet it looks Fancy when done. Somewhere in the hall closet is an ancient gray wool feather and fan "carriage blanket" one of the Great Aunties made for me as an infant, it's still in decent shape but the weight of it makes it more appropriate for, maybe, a miniature horse? Okay, that's not fair, it was a carraige blanket for a New Jersey winter, it was quite suitable. Maybe my obsession with feather and fan began as an infant.

When the blanket is done, and it will be very soon, like in a day or two, I must start socks for Boy. I haven't bought the sock yarn yet, but I'm going to visit Chez Casuelle online tonight, before I lose my nerve. I'm thinking Shepherd Sock in Black Watch and Black Purl. Or Baltic Sea. They are manly without being dull. I can be fairly restrained if I shop online. Visiting the shop in person is dangerous.

And the new Knitty is up, and provided just the right sweater for my son. Go check out the patterns! Avast is perfect for him un-fussy, but with style, he'd actually wear it. I'd even use the yarn the designer used because I like Plymouth Galway, but Boy is not a hand washable kind of guy so I'm thinking Cascade 220 superwash or a yarn to be named later.

Girl loved Intolerable Cruelty but I'm waiting for other people to make it first so they can comment about any ass-saggage issues experienced. Knitted skirts are iffy, unless you can stand posed all evening you may finish the night looking decidedly droopy.

The Kureyon afghan is to die for, but I have a puking cat and a shedding Boston so it ain't happening in this household.

Must go find Discover card and buy yarn.


Debi said...

Black Watch is one of my favorite LL's colorways! I have some in shepherd sport and it's as soft as a cloud! Gold Hill, Seaside, Camouflage and Mineshaft are nice manly choices too...hey you could even use my free pattern! :)

Debi said...

I forgot to add, if you ever want to see all the colors nicely displayed, both past and present have a peek here:

Anonymous said...

sock yarn DOES NOT COUNT!

KatyaR said...

Here's your perfect answer:


Sock yarn--ranks right up there with dark chocolate and wine. How can you ever have enough?

Bess said...

Gotta agree about the sock yarn - even I succumbed to sock yarn, in spite of Oaths Sworn at Courthouses.

For giving away, of course.

But do check out the cute coat in Interweave Crochet autumn issue. It made me thinkof you right away.

Catherine said...

I looked for Interweave Crochet at B&N on Saturday, it wasn't on the rack yet. I think I'll swing by there at lunch if it's not raining. I'd love to make a crocheted coat! While a knitted coat can sag and stretch, the relative lack of stretch of crochet makes it very good for a coat.

KnitNana said...

ROFLOL! This "stream-of-consciousness" litany of yours just about caused me to spew coffee all over my monitor, and it's EXACTLY the way my brain works WHEN.I.NEED.YARN!!! Those are great colorways for manly men...hmmm...and there's always CTH Java, you know?

needlefingers said...

It was MASH; in fact, we watched the episode a couple of months ago. The show followed the 4077th through an entire year. It started with Margaret ordering yarn from Sears catalog (imagine that) for a scarf and at the end of the show/year, it's huge.

I know at one point, she said it was a sweater for her beau (and I think it was a pinkish color), then a couple of months later when it's clearly much larger than any sweater piece, she said it was going to be an afghan. Ah, the versatility.

Catherine said...

Thank you, I thought I remembered that episode from years ago, but I haven't seen it in forever. That's what this has become, it started as a baby blanket and may end as a car cover at this rate.

Patricia said...

Yikes, 2 comments for you in 1 day. I'm also heading for Ashville in October. The hotel has been booked and I saving my pennies for more yarn. I haven't signed up for any classes yet. This will be my first fibre fest. Next year, Maryland or Rhinebck!

Catherine said...

I'm determined to do Maryland next spring. I went the year before last and it was SO much fun. Maryland is the Big Honkin' Fiber Festival, truly sensory overload. I never thought I could watch someone shear a sheep all afternoon, but I had to tear myself away from the Sheep Shearing Guy, it was so interesting!