Monday, September 25, 2006

I coughed all night

and slept like hell, and I'm hoping this was the cold's last hurrah. I do feel better right at this moment. My ass will be in bed by 8:30, and I'm not kidding. I had a total of about 4 hours of sleep last night. If that. Mixed with weird but not unpleasant dreams, very surreal, that I can't really remember now, other than that they were not unpleasant and were surreal.

Dear internets, please think good thoughts for my offspring. Boy has two job interviews (two calls within 20 minutes of each other) and either would be a not bad at all job. Girl is contemplating taking a job that would be very challenging and fulfilling, but not easy by any stretch.

Next Thursday (not this Thursday) I get in the Desperate Altima and drive to Asheville. I am so excited. I will have the second of the ugly socks finished.

I have a lot to do between now and then. My car needs service, work is out of control, I have a garage sale to prepare for and oh yes, I promised to slog across the state to visit my mother.


Bess said...


Nothing like vaCAYtion! And the hills of NC are soooo beautiful. Almost foreign, especially coming from the Florida flatlands. Take a sweater. Knit a sweater! Imagine living where you want to wear a sweater! Outdoors even.

Chanting good spells for the job seekers.

Bess - on VaCAYtion.

cursingmama said...

crap - you are busy -
take a deep breath, zip through it and it'll be Thursday before you know it.

dragon knitter said...

(crossing all my toes, fingers, & knitting needles for the Boy & the Girl)

you go girl, you can finish a sock that quick. and work will take care of itself.

as for your mom, i thought she was going to move closer? granted, you may be moving soon, but still. . .

Catherine said...

Boy interviewed and then turned down the job (it was, as he'd suspected, headhunter puffery), Girl has decided to take the job she was offered.

My mother owns her house and has lived there as long as we've lived here. She is without my even suggesting it devoting her days to getting rid of stuff she does not need, so Go Mom! There is no quick solution here, and certainly no easy "moving closer." She is safe where she is, it's familiar territory, and if she'd get out and make some friends she'd be fine there long term. My cousin plans to kidnap her at Christmas and get her to spend a week or so at her house, and get her out walking and meeting other women around her age (Cousin C can make friends anywhere, even when she doesn't speak the language - she can land in a foreign country at breakfast time and she'll have two new friends by dinner) and maybe Mom will like Palm Coast and decide she'd like to live there. I am just floating ideas right now, she has to decide for herself or she will be miserable and make all of us miserable.