Sunday, September 24, 2006

I love electricity, I do, I do!

No photo of ugly sock yesterday, because it was clear and hot and sunny and a gorgeous day the entire length of the state of Florida, so Florida Power decided to puke and die, and we were without 'lectricity right at the dinner hour. Curses rang out the length of the street and neighbors gathered in the road to bitch. I called the outage reporting line (I should just put it on speed dial) and the electronic voice cheerfully informed me that power would be restored by 9 p.m. It was, at the time, before 6 p.m. They actually got it on by 7:20, so I suppose I should be impressed, but I was too busy being befuddled by why the hell we would have a power outage on a lovely clear day when it was not storming anywhere.

I am very, very dependent on electricity. I am a shameless electricity whore. Without it I am very sad, I wander around like a zombie, bleak and lost and trying in vain to amuse myself. I did manual housework, which wasn't very satisfying, but was productive.

Today was a big, expensive day of provisions for the household, and somehow that required a compensatory trip to Borders, because buying paper towels and Tide - eh. I found a new knitting book I may have to buy: Knit 2 Together, by Tracey Ullman (yes, the very funny Tracy Ullman) and Mel Clark. It reminded me - in very good ways - of Mason-Dixon Knitting - fun, original patterns and lots of inspiration. There is a knitted "doctor's bag" that is to die for, not a shapeless felted sack but a sharp, very chic structured handbag, and a very sexy linen "kilt" skirt, and a lovely table cover, and the cutest little baby cape (not a poncho, but a lovely, old-fashioned cape). And that's just what jumped out at me on first glance. I didn't buy it because I already had an armload of non-knitting reading on top of the order that just came from Quality Paperbacks, so it seemed decadent somehow to buy that too, but screw it, I will have to get it. That doctor's bag is totally calling to me, it's one of the coolest knitted bags this bag junkie has seen in a long time. And the linen skirt actually looks like it would fit and also be flattering, though knowing linen an liner or a slip would be a must. I really liked this book, as much for the fresh ideas as for the patterns themselves. As I said, kinda like Mason-Dixon, but different.

I am so looking forward to my vacation. Boy reports that it was raining up there, we have fingers crossed for good weather so we can spend a day in the mountains.

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Debi said...

Isn't that totally weird?? We had a clear perfect day too and an unexplained power outage around 11 am that lasted about 40 minutes. FPL must be testing or installing something for BOTH of us to experience that yesterday!