Sunday, September 24, 2006

One Ugly Sock


It stripes, it pools, it flashes and blobs. It's even uglier in person, the photo flatters it. I particularly like the kind of scabby babyshit brown and blue effect on the bottom that makes it look pre-worn. But boy, is it soft and cosy. I love all things Lorna's Laces, and though the Jeans colorway isn't exactly my cup of tea, the Shepherd Sport is a keeper. Boy will stuff them inside a boot and they will be toasty. Posted by Picasa


Debi said...

It's TOTALLY not ugly! I think the pooling is cool!

Next time you can change that by adding a few extra stitches (or subtracting) If you carry the ribbing down to the instep you'll still have a snug fit but lose the pooling/flashing.

cursingmama said...

I dunno - it looks a lot better than the sock I started at least 148 million times this weekend. Oh yeah, that would be because you actually have a sock, I just have a ball of yarn ;)