Monday, October 23, 2006

It Is Below 70 Degrees Tonight!

And therefore, we are having a cool front! The weatherbunnies are dancing and singing on the news, even though they know, or should know, that by Saturday it'll be in the 80s again, but for the next couple of days the windows are open and the air is fresh and - whoo - free. After endless months in air conditioning, the house can breathe.

Me, I'll be taking Benadryl, but it's worth it. I just sneezed while writing this, but it's so worth it.

Boy reports actual small snow flurries in Asheville. Florida Boy is in a new world there. Good thing I finished his scarf. I'm sending it to him with a couple of hand-me-down crock pot recipe books that are heavy on cheap meats and canned soup.

I have socks in progress, and the shawl with the hand-cramping k4togs is getting large and hence, that row sucks every time I get to it. But I need another project, and I need it fast.

I'm thinking of the red Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino for this.


dragon knitter said...

very nice. i like that pattern, and may have to keep it in mind.

congrats on the decent weather, we've finally gotten to the point that we're ready to seal our windows for the winter. blech. it's been a cool october up here.

and i'm sure the boy is in shock, lol.

cursingmama said...

I'll take a 70 or two. We were supposed to put sealer on the deck, but it needs 48 hours above 50 degrees to properly dry & cure - apparently mother nature has other ideas for Minnesota this year.

Patricia said...

Not cool enough. Just has my chinmey cleaned. Bring on the 40's!