Sunday, November 05, 2006


Now that the weather is cooler I've been taking the dogs for evening walks - I really don't have a choice, Murphy DEMANDS an evening walk. Last night was beautiful, clear and with an almost full moon. I walked Murphy first and took him home, then took Dudley. Dudley and I encountered not one but two big Barred Owls. I guess they were out hunting early to take advantage of the bright moon. More information about them is here.

They are BIG birds. Not as huge as a great horned owl, but intimidating enough when you're walking a Yorkie.


Bess said...

WE have owls too - and that's why I won't have a puppy sleep outside till he's over 10 lbs.

But aren't they beautiful?

Catherine said...

You're in the country, I'm in the city! Yes, they're so beautiful, I love owls, but I do keep Murphy really close to me when we walk after dark. I'm almost glad he's gotten pudgy, it makes him less of a target. When he was a puppy he really did look like a little rodent.

Debi said...

I wish we had those beautiful owls down here. Well, we probably do, I've just never seen one. We do have lots of those adorable ground owls tho. I love those little cuties, they look like toys! :)