Friday, May 02, 2008

Breathe, breathe....

So, when we left the soap opera yesterday, my mother was to get some PT and be discharged on Saturday. That was the game plan as of 4 yesterday afternoon. This morning she called me at 9, her doctor had just been in and had discharged her. Same guy I talked to at 4 yesterday, face to face, and explained that I'm over in Orlando and I can't get there instantly so please confirm that she'll be discharged on Saturday.

Oh, and she fell again this morning. He knew that and wrote the discharge order anyway. His reasoning is that she is getting weaker in bed, which I am sure is true, but a day of inpatient PT in between would help that, and give us an evaluation of her physical issues, as well as some breathing room to deal with all of this and make decisions. Instead, the hospital staff is making arrangements to transfer her to some as yet unknown ALF over there and will call me and let me know where. I will go find her later.

Oh, and the doctor was mad at me because I wasn't able to be there to do his bidding. That SOB is fired, and a blistering letter about his handling of her care recently will be sent to the state licensing board as soon as the immediate issues are resolved.

I have long had the feeling that she is getting shitty care over there. All the more reason to get her moved over here.

I'm off to drop the check for the wait list for the place here. After she has a PT evaluation wherever she is next, there may be a reason to transfer her to a facility near me for PT as well, but I still have to go back and forth to deal with the house, so that's not on a critical path right now.

Oh, and I got the formal job offer today, and accepted. Start date the 19th, so I have some time to get this crisis under control. I'll pencil in time to be happy later.


ChelleC said...

Congrats on the new job. I hope things resolve with your mother. It's so stressful when the loved ones are sick and far away. Sounds like a difficult time, but I hope this job turns things around for you career-wise.

Catherine said...

It's a good company, but I did take a pay cut. After watching the unbelieveably shitty job market I was resigned to that reality anywhere I went, and as I said, it's a good company and a really unique and interesting sort of job for which I am well suited, so I'm happy. This has been an insanely stressful and shitty week, I'm glad it's ending on a high note. Not as high as if I'd gotten to go to MD, but higher than bottom of the septic tank, which is where I've been for a long time.