Friday, May 16, 2008

Day Two.

And the Little Eagle is Still Fine. I dropped off some stuff for her, stuff we forgot, and she was still in a calm, good mood. I stayed only 45 minutes, she did not complain about anything about her new home. She met some ladies, she is not hiding in her room, everybody is nice. Complaints were limited to medical issues and doctors and such, and those are righteous - I just keep telling her that she will have a whole new crew of doctors. So far, so good. Please knock any wood around you as you read this.

One issue - I did not supervise her packing, as I was sweating what's left of my brains out loading other things into Baby and juggling a million details, and I didn't want to crowd her or encourage her to abdicate any more decisions to me. Whoops. She packed a lot of PJs and housecoats and undies, but not much of a wardrobe to wear for socializing in the common areas. She has a couple of pairs of slacks and I think three tops. So I'm thinking that one evening next week we may have to go shopping, because that is by far the preferable option vs. slogging back to her house in the next two days, which is out of the question. But in the grand scheme of things, this is still a good outcome.

She also said that "everybody says" what a wonderful daughter she has. She is very appreciative of what I did. I'd rather have been on the Riviera with George, but I'm glad she's happy.

I am stiff and sore after two days of furniture moving interrupted by long drives. Today I did the domestic things - pet food, laundry, groceries, cleaners, etc. Tomorrow and Sunday I have promised myself a wild and desperately needed shopping spree. I also need to test drive my tentative route to work - not for time, because on the weekend it will be a half hour - but just to make sure that the roads and exits are where I think they are. Luckily, it's all down near the malls I intend to hit like a drunken sailor on shore leave.

I pulled it off!!! I got her moved in time to start my new job on Monday, with a wee bit of wiggle room to take care of my own business! Go me!


Anonymous said...

I'm cheering for you. I've been sending well wishes your way for weeks- I really like reading your blog (I love your dogs and want to steal Murphy and Dudley).

I hope you get a much needed break soon. Buy some clothes and go to work to get some rest (yeah, right).


Janet said...

You are a good daughter--they're right.

Hope you find some great clothes!

zippiknits said...

"Please knock any wood around you as you read this."

I got up and walked to the stepladder, which is the only wood in here. DH still wondered what that was all about.

Here's a Big Grin :D for a wonderful daughter. Best Wishes on the first day at your new job, too.

Bess said...


Better than doing a happy dance for an FO is skipping away from the AL knowing your mother is safe at last. Whew.

May George see you in your new duds and invite you for a drink down at the little bistro around the corner.

Catherine said...

Spoke too soon - she woke me this morning with complaints - her foot is swollen, the bed is too high (yesterday it was perfect, and elves did not raise it in the night) and on and on. I told her to tell the staff, I can't help her, and basically hung up. I knocked myself out to move her to a place that can deal with her 7 a.m. emergencies, so I can live my life. Must break her of the habit of calling me instead of the people she is paying to provide care right now. I have to be able to pay attention to my new job - my own future depends on it.

ChelleC said...

Hey, you've accomplished something amazing in record time. Don't worry about her early calls and grumbling, etc. she just needs to be trained to call the staff there at the assisted living, as you already said. You've done good!