Friday, May 09, 2008

Fetch Me a Tall Building!

I shall leap it in a single bound! I am faster than a speeding crisis, more powerful than the locomotive of fate! But do it fast, because I'm about to pass out on the couch. DAMN I'm exhausted.

After two weeks of not knowing what the end of the day would bring, we have a Plan. My mother will be discharged on Monday and will go home for a couple of days on her own, with home health looking in, and very soon, like by next Friday I hope, will move into her new assisted but independent living arrangement, 15 minutes away from me. I will pick up the contract tomorrow and scope out the room dimensions, etc., so we can plan the furniture layout. The PT at the nursing home says she’s strong enough to go home on her own for a few days if she’s really careful and doesn’t go nuts exerting herself, and we will get her next door neighbor and home health to look in on her while I am busy getting this end set up.

The logistics of getting the place furnished will take my weekend and what's left of my energy and sanity. It won’t be “done” by a long shot, but I am going to try to get it set up so that she can camp there until my former boss and friend R can help me. I called R today, and sweetheart that he is, I told him what was going on and before I even had to ask he said, “Oh, I’ll help, we can rent a truck,” but unfortunately as we were talking he was driving to the airport – his grandmother is failing. So he’s not available to help me cobble something together until the second part of next week, and Girl has ONE day off in the next 7 on Sunday. She is willing to help but we’re supposed to have thunderstorms. And I start my new job the 19th, the clock is ticking.

So. Deep breath. I’m thinking. She needs a new bed anyway, that can be done tomorrow, and I think the management can handle accepting delivery for me if I tell them where to place it. In lieu of moving her favorite chair right away, because I can’t, I will buy a chair that I like, that seems suitable for her too, and she can “test drive” it until we can fetch her favorite chair. If it doesn’t pass muster as a new chair, it will come live in my new apartment when I finally have time to get my own house on the market, and can reside in the back room until that happy day. If it passes muster it's hers.

A couple of side tables can be scavenged from the house, one for a bedside lamp and something beside the chair (I should be able to to fit those in Baby). The small kitchen TV and stand, until R can lend his muscles for moving the good TV. A couple of coffee cups, her little microwave, teakettle, her little bitty Mr. Coffee, couple of plates and such, that will do for starters, and probably for long term. She was very happy to hear that all meals are included and she just has to walk to the dining room with the white tablecloths and attentive staff, but she will want to have coffee or tea in the morning while she watches the morning news, before getting dressed, and something at bedtime. The studio unit only has a tiny bar fridge and sink and two stove burners, it’s really not made for cooking. She’s on the waiting list for a 1 br., but I’m glad it is working out this way. She will be forced to venture to the dining room and meet people, and won’t be able to hide in her room.

I will be making many trips back and forth to her house this summer, getting rid of stuff, getting it ready for sale, etc., I can always grab other things if she needs them. But I feel better now, because we have a plan at last.

My New Job Celebration Gift to me arrived yesterday, and I am in LOVE. I set it up last night to have hot water ready and waiting when I woke at 5, and I had a nice pot of Irish Breakfast tea in the time it took to steep. I now have the option of hot water for tea on a timer as well as a coffee maker on a timer, and since I will be getting up at 5 henceforth, I really do appreciate that option. I expect to plug it in when I get home from work every day, so evening herbal tea is at my fingertips. It is sitting there now, standing by, waiting for me to desire something involving hot water, and all I have to do is push a button. At last, something in my life is easy!

Edited: Oh, and Greta, those buttons are VERY satisfying. Oh, yeah Zo, you make hot water just right. Steam me, baby.


greta said...

Happy Mother's Day to YOU
glad you have something in your life that is easy and satisfying...
and a PLAN...oh a plan is a good thing!!
Keeping you in my prayers

zippiknits said...

Happy Mother's Day Catherine. Always thinking of you. Rest if you can and when you can. Feet up with a perfectly brewed cuppa. Hugs..