Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy Things

I forgot to mention in all the Drama that is the curse of my life lately.

I used to read a lot of fiction but somehow drifted away in the last few years. My current self-selected favorite "read" is John Adams. It's my iPod/walking book. I love it - it has reawakened my fascination with American History. Fantastic book, and now I'm on an American History binge, but variety is the spice of life, blah blah.

So I was glad when Cousin C dragged me back to escapist fiction by introducing me to Janet Evanovich and Stephanie Plum. I have not loved a series like this since I can't tell you when, and I am devouring them like potato chips. Girl will have an armload of hilariously entertaining paperbacks to take to Cousin C's timeshare at Hilton Head this year.

I can see why C fell in love - they are set in New Jersey, and she grew up there. I was born in Jersey City but left at 5 years old and haven't set foot there even for a drive-by visit in 35 years, so I do not consider it my stomping ground. But I get the feeling - I get that feeling about novels set in the DC area.

I know this is a famous series and I may be one of the last to the party, but if you happen to be a Geek Like Me and have walked past them for a decade, give them a shot. They are hilarious and entertaining and interesting - perfect beach reading.

Smoothie recipe - my own concoction but probably not original.

1 cup frozen mango chunks. I buy bags of frozen fruit, it's not cheap but it lasts quite a while.
1 cup fat free yogurt (I make my own, it's mindlessly easy and tastes better).
1 serving vanilla protein powder (I use Genisoy because that's easy to find at Publix, but go crazy here)
1 cup orange pineapple juice
psyllium husks powder
flaxseed oil

Use the powder with caution. Flaxseed oil has no notable side effects, but the psyllium husks should not be attempted if you have long meetings or car trips on the agenda. One must plan one's venture into this sort of supplement. Test it on a weekend.

Dump in blender. Blend until smooth. It really does taste incredible.

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