Monday, May 05, 2008

Move along, nothing to see here.

No drama updates from the Bossy Doghouse. No new news on my mother's condition. I'm going over tomorrow. Didn't knit today, right hand acting funny. Did fill gas tank and get the car washed and made calls and received calls and arranged stuff and did stuff and I'm so tired.

Hiring package from new employer is coming.

Bought self Mother's Day/New Job/Haven't Lost Mind Yet gift. I asked the KR brain trust about electric kettle recs, since I wounded my stove top pot. Someone (sorry, I forget who) suggested this gadget.
And I continued to shop, but this had the timer, and the variable water temp options, and nothing else measured up. Yeah, it's my new job gift to me.

Off to do dramatic face plant in bed, after brushing teeth, removing makeup, and applying wrinkle cream.

1 comment:

greta said...

Nice gadget! I got a good giggle when I scrolled down to read the description and discovered it had *satisfying* buttons....
Just the thing for the year of the big five-oh!
Been praying for you and the mama drama...