Saturday, May 24, 2008

Phone Ringer - Off.

My mother called me 7 or 8 times today. Cousin C sagely observed that since I spent 7 hours with her yesterday (out of necessity, and it was exhausting) she now is looking for reasons to call, because it makes her happy to have me at her beck and call. I spoke to her once this morning, pleasantly. I listened to a string of really idiotic voicemail messages in between, and finally, when I saw THREE in an hour, I called her and yelled at her about it. No calls since the yell.

Today was my first real day off from the insanity in a month, and I spent it cleaning up my house and getting my own world in order a bit. Kitchen is clean, mail is dealt with, trash no longer overflows, there are groceries, etc. My hamper is still full, still didn't vacuum, and I was busy all day, after a lousy night's sleep.

We finally had rain. A good, heavy, soaking rain with thunder. So the amphibian frat boys who party in the drainage swale behind the fence threw an all night rave. You would NOT believe how loud the little bastards are - we are not talking about cute little peeping tree frogs here, we're talking jungle movie night sounds - screaming and croaking that wakes me from a sound sleep. No alligators - just lizards and frogs - but the volume is surreal. It is raining hard right now, yay for the rain, but I'm taking Benadryl in the hope of sleeping through tonight's festivities.

The human neighbors are quiet, no problems there, but I swear, if I'd known my bedroom would back up to a froggy frat house, I would have insisted we keep looking.

I do have my priorities - though the croaking and screaming woke me insanely early, I made a point of sitting down and watching the season finales of Grey's Anatomy and Boston Legal, and finishing the shawl. Linen shawl is done, blocked, drying. Turned out just right. Need to revisit some unfinished projects instead of dreaming of new ones. But the craving is strong - need...more...linen.

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Bess said...

hello twin! My house is clean enough for a party. Thank goodness we didn't get rain, though - I had laundry on the line.
Happy knitting