Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So Far, So Good.

Tomorrow is Moving Day. Today I wrestled the bedroom TV (not the smallest, but what the hell, she needs a TV she can see from the bed) and its stand, and also the stand that held the kitchen TV, which has been drafted to hold the tiny Mr. Coffee and whatnots, plus a lamp, plus some odds and ends, into Baby. Bed delivery is on for between 8 and 11 tomorrow, and her bed will be first off the truck, so we're thinking 8. Girl is off work and ready to spring into action to do what she can to fix up the room while I Go Fetch Grandma. There is a "check in" process and assessment when she arrives, so I figure she will be wiped and need a freshly made bed and her TV remote at the ready, so she can take a nice nap after the long drive and such.

We still need to acquire a dresser (hers is huge and old and she doesn't want to move it) and move the Good TV (and get a better stand for it, because it is perched on the tiniest little cart you've ever seen and I can't imagine how it hasn't fallen over). I can't lift that sucker, it has to wait for R's muscles, but the good TV would be infinitely easier to see from both bed and chair. I have a tentative plan for cleaning out the house in stages, and after Stage One, we can call a Realtor and get the sucker listed.

I think my mother really is ready for this. She did fine on her own yesterday, but today she was tired and watched my packing efforts from the couch, though she was quite cheerful and upbeat. I think more than one more night solo would be pushing our luck, and the timing is working out just right so far. And she's ready - she likes the idea of meals and services and a nice housekeeper to clean the apartment. So far, so good.

Yesterday, after the Hair God fixed my hair, I felt I deserved a little Me Time, so I dropped in at my too-infrequently visited LYS, and saw several light cotton sweater ideas that called screamed at me to take the yarn and pattern home. But I have to let the dust settle first, work down a bit more of the stash, basically figure out where I am now and where I want to go. So I petted the owner's adorable new puppy and several yarns, then left empty-handed. I need to pause and regroup. The last three weeks were like being caught up in a tornado, but it looks like we're setting down gently in Oz. Keep those good wishes coming - we're on the home stretch.


carlarey said...

Good luck with the move. I think she may enjoy the new setting. My grandmother was thrilled with having so many new people to tell how awful we were.

Bess said...

Prayers, wishes, songs, juju, chanting, white light, incantations, voodoo, laughter