Saturday, May 10, 2008

Tired. Getting Crazy.

On the plus side, I got to tour my mother's future apartment, and I liked it. Freshly painted, brand new carpet, it's quite tiny but she's not getting around very well these days so tiny is good. It's close to everything in the building, a straight shot down the hall to the dining room and the mail and everything, and the director took me on a tour of a couple of other units like hers to see the decorating possibilities. Depressing and cramped they are not. Comfortable rising to chic, they can be. I'm now inspired to have fun with this project, and give her some small new pieces mixed with her own stuff, a comfy new bed, etc. I do like this place - it's mucho buckage but the level of care and the atmosphere is first rate. She will be well cared for and feel secure while I am at work, and I will be close enough to check in on her often, and Murphy will visit too, and it will be good. Today was pet visit day - I may have to get Murphy signed onto that program. Years ago my vet suggested it, she was so impressed with his cuteness and sociable nature, she thought he was a natural pet visitation dog. And then my husband got sick, and I wasn't looking for reasons to hang out in hospitals in my free time. But maybe, maybe the time is right. We'll see how it all works out, but either way pets are welcome so he can drop by for visits. When she's strong enough we can go to the mall and out to eat, and Girl will be able to drop by. It's worth the money, I will happily give up "my inheritance," to see my mother secure and comfortable now. It's good for her and a hell of a load off my dented brain.

On the negative side, my haircut didn't turn out as I'd wanted, so I have to go back and get it adjusted - I hope the Hair God has room for me tomorrow, because that is my best window of opportunity before next weekend, and there's a hell of a lot in between. It's not a terrible cut by any means, but not as short as I wanted, and I couldn't tell at the time because we decided to try scrunching and air drying it. Unfortunately, my hair does not take to that treatment, and it hid the problems with the cut - like, he needs to take a hell of a lot more off the sides. Had we dried it, I'd have seen this. This is strangely very upsetting to me right now; I know it's my stress bursting forth in inappropriate ways but right now I am close to tears over my hair, and I rarely cry over anything (Emotions Securely Crated and Buried Deep in Storage - it's the only way to live my life.) I'm exhausted and have too much to do, and now I have to squeeze getting hair fixed into the mix before I start the new job.

On the plus side, Murphy's haircut is perfect. Maybe I should ask them to cut my hair.

On the negative side, everything else.

Tea, and early to bed. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a woman cranky and bitter because she's too busy for a social life.


Amie said...


That was from me. I had more typed but this is from the kitten, who is only just today big enough to make the keys go down far enough to register when she sits on my keyboard.

I think you can count that as a teeny tiny cyber hug as well.

Elysbeth said...

Yay about the apartment/dog visitation. Boo about the hair.