Thursday, May 29, 2008

When Stressed, Borrow Granddog.

I needed the Powerful Sleep Rays. Dudley has an aura (more than the farts and snores) that makes me sleep more soundly. Girl knows this is true, she has trouble getting going on her days off because of the Dudley Effect.

I haven't had a decent night's sleep in weeks now. I needed the Dudley Effect, so Girl dropped him today, and I have him until Sunday.

I dropped some stuff off at my mother's this evening. She doesn't look good. She's weaker than she was even a few days ago. Tomorrow I am calling the NEW doctor to ask if she has any ideas. I am not blaming new doctor - she doesn't know my mother so she has no way to see the shocking change in her. I'm going to call her tomorrow and let her know my concerns.

I have the distinct impression that my mother's medical care has a heavy tinge of "Well, she's 82," followed by a shrug. Not at the ALF - they are concerned and warm, but they aren't the front line of medical care - they execute the doctor's orders. And yes, I am totally realistic, my mother is 82, and if these issues are simply the sudden onset of changes in her body and cannot be reversed, I can understand that. But in the last month we had a diagnosis of Lupus and an ulcer, yet she is not being treated for either at the moment. I would like a clear explanation of what we are dealing with here, and, hey, a TREATMENT PLAN for the things that are treatable, because if treated, you can live with Lupus and an ulcer, but ignoring them sure as hell can kill you.

So I want to make sure New Doctor understands that the person she is seeing was a totally different person 3 months ago, and these changes are extreme, dramatic, and scary. I realize that this doctor has no perspective, she just met my mother - for all she knows, my mother has looked this withered and tired for years.

On the plus side, I love the people I work with already. I hit it off with almost all of them, and all the ones that really matter are just really great, funny, down to earth. There's a difficult personality or two, but I can handle them. Mostly it's just bonding all over the place. Now if I can just afford to work there - the commute and the gas are a big scary thing.

This weekend, the new and improved custom designed bed will be delivered, and the failed bed will be relocated to my house. I am not making a trip to BFE this weekend.
I did score some good free boxes at work, and the Head Lawyer's wonderful secretary, who gets the office supply orders, is going to stockpile any good boxes for me.

And it's a measure of how my life is going lately that Free Boxes makes me happy.

The Fantabulous D called this evening, out of the blue. She has a new job too, also took a pay cut, but is happy with the vibes of the new law firm. We are at the place in our lives where we are not willing to put up with crazy office drama for a little more money, because we know it's not worth it, but at the same time, money does allow one to pay the bills, eat, etc. She landed on her feet too, we celebrated this and also sighed over how we work our asses off and move backward.

D is devoutly Christian and ended the call with her usual observation that God is taking care of us, so I shared the Mother Teresa quote:

"I know that God won't give me anything I can't handle, I just wish that He didn't trust me so much."

Me, I ain't no Mother Teresa, and I think I want this as my epitaph
- "If I had it to do over again, I'd be a C student with a D cup."


Bess said...

Ouch. Sorry about your mother's slide. Sorry about the commute too, but how wonderful to find so many good'uns at the new job.

I forget that there are lots of work worlds where people don't have any fun - and don't like to go to work. but when prodded I can remember a job at a mortgage bank that was sheer hell. Yup. I remember. And it was only due to high maintenance personalities. Whew. lucky escape for me, there.

Hope you get a super rest this weekend. Yea for Doctor Dawg.

Amy in StL said...

It is really scary when our parents take a sudden turn toward more feeble, isn't it? A lot of times it's just temporary though, so hang in there. Glad to hear the new job is going swimmingly!

sallyjo said...

"I have the distinct impression that my mother's medical care has a heavy tinge of "Well, she's 82," followed by a shrug."
She was a fairly healthy 82 a few months ago. That's very scary. I hope the talk with the doctor gets things moving.

Janet said...

Positive thoughts coming your way for the doctor's visit.

Also, yea on the new job's atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

My (adult) children's dogs are referred to as our 'grand-dogs' and because Ernst and I are Opa and Oma (to retain the link to Ernst's Hamburg origins) the children tell the dogs that Gram'ma 'n Gram'pa are coming to visit.

The dogs are Kipper - an enormous Rottie x something x something else. We can see characteristics of Rottie, Labrador, and Blue Heeler. Found as a starving 4 mo stray. Loving and gentle. But nicely formidable in appearance and VOICE as a family guardian. Known as Biggest Grand Dog.

Then there is Maximus - a Jack Russell Terrier who believes his name implicitly. Also sweet and loving, but very vocal and prepared to have a go. Good verminator. This is of course Littlest G'Dog.

And of course, never forget that Dog is God spelt backwards - her best creation.

Gae, in Callala Bay