Friday, June 06, 2008

I Haz Paychek. Yay.

Sorry for the blog silence. No major Mama Drama - doctor and staff all think she's just "having difficulty adjusting," there is no identifiable medical reason for her multitude of complaints. Yeah, she has aches and pains - she's 82. Yeah, she feels tired - she's been sitting on her ass for a month and her muscles are weakening, she needs PT. Otherwise, there isn't anything major going on here.

This was the thought lurking in my mind all along, but I wanted to eliminate a valid medical reason before chalking it up to Drama, lest I be a Bitch Daughter. Doctor is on it, she wants to help. With the agreement of doctor and staff, I have embarked on a program of tough love - I just left her a voicemail and suggested shopping and lunch tomorrow. If she wants me to go sit around in her darkened, overheated room and listen to her moan about how awwwful everything is, sorry, I can't stay - I have things to do, want to come with me? I will be happy to do shopping and lunch, whatever she wants, but I will not beg and I will not cater. She has to make the effort.

Job. Job good, love the people. Getting used to the commute - the coffee maker is set to start at 4:50 a.m. When the alarm goes off at 5, the coffee is just finished and waiting for me. So I can have a huge mug before I get in the shower, so I don't drown.

Getting used to the new routine, very happy to haz paychek. I can haz shoos? (Don't eat cheezburgrs.) Actually, I can keep house out of foreclosure and keep paddling as hard as I can to keep my nose above water until I can get back on my own original plan.

Sunday, back to mother's house, to do more gathering of stuff. Murphy will ride shotgun again. R is still ready and willing to rent a truck and help with the big hauling, but I am not there yet. I'm still in the planning stage of that maneuver, because that will require renting temporary storage for the pieces Boy wants, making room here for the couple of pieces I want to keep, etc., and I want to ask R to sacrifice one long, sweaty, precious weekend day to the cause, not three. One is friendship, three is a needy pain in the ass. This is complicated. And hard. And weird. And a long commute. And did I mention how frigging hot it is? If all this Drama had happened in January, it would have been soooo much easier. But, NOOOOO....

And then on Monday the coffee maker will start making coffee at 4:50 a.m., and the week will start all over again.

And this is why there ain't much blogging going on lately.


k said...

We started our jobs the same day?
I'm glad the thing with your mom is under control. Shopping as therapy? I'm in.

Anonymous said...

If shopping and lunch won't get her out of her overheated room, then she needs to stay there badly, I suppose. It's very good that she is not really sick. Did you put a star on the calendar? :o) Happy paycheck!