Sunday, June 08, 2008

So Tired, and New Neighbors!

I did the drive to my mother’s house today – after a long hard day yesterday, which started with Bug Guy arriving at 8, housework, laundry, taking my mother to lunch and shopping for a new dresser (accomplished both, but she was too wiped out to do Target so I dropped her off and went on my own), more housework. The day wrapped up at 5, and I was exhausted. Today was no better.

Murphy and I made the trek to BFE, I brought back a few things, threw out many more things, I’m aiming for a depersonalizing/tidying to get it ready to list. R and I have been trading voicemail but haven’t had a conversation yet – he’s still ready to rent a truck and help me, but we can’t get our act together. Hell, we haven’t even talked on the phone – we trade voicemail.

Brought back a few more things, but couldn’t get the kitchen table and chairs. It would fit in Baby, but it would take two people to get the kitchen table out the door. I gave it a valiant effort and my back will hurt like hell tomorrow, but I just couldn’t do it single-handedly – it requires lifting to shoulder height to clear the laundry tub going one way, and a hell of a long walk if we take it out the front door. A two person job, for sure. I really don’t want to go back next weekend, but if R is available, I will make the sacrifice. Otherwise, the weekend after that. A man’s muscles, a dolly (I am buying one of my own this week. This family could use it, since we show no signs of settling down anytime soon) and something bigger than Baby to haul the stuff, and this could be done in a day. I put about 8 bags of miscellaneous crap at the curb. One more session like that and we will be ready to list.

Murphy is wiped out – he had to stay on his feet and follow me to see what I was doing as I moved from room to room. He hopped up on the couch (he loves grandma’s couch because it is low enough for him to jump on and off on his own) and tried to watch from there, but then dammit I went into the office down the hall and he had to go too. He is one tired dog. I don’t think I’ll get nagged for a walk tonight – not that I would listen. I wore my pedometer just for giggles – I walked 2.5 miles today in a 1600 square foot house, and when I left, Baby cheerfully reported that the outside temp was 98. It did drop to a brisk 93 as I got closer to Orlando.

I still have laundry to do and stuff of my own to take care of before the coffeemaker starts brewing the elixir of life at 4:50 a.m. Right now I am so exhausted I want to go face-down on the couch.

This summer is not looking too promising. Must find a way to force some fun into it, somehow. I invited myself to C’s for the 4th – I’ll bring Murphy, we will hang out and swim and go find fireworks somewhere, and indulge in the best damn pizza I’ve ever had in FL – real New York pizza. It’s gonna be pizza and beer and sitting up to my neck in the pool, and maybe fried seafood things. Murphy has never been around a pool – I wonder if he will brave swimming? Yorkies do swim, and he does love water. That will be interesting. I will, of course, bring the camera.

So tired, so wiped out, so not having fun that a weekend with a 65 year old cousin sounds like heaven. This shit must cease.

Speaking of bringing the camera - I was sweating my brains out unloading the stuff retrieved from mom's house this afternoon when I saw a flash of large birds landing in the live oak in the next door neighbor's yard. It was a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers. I haven't seen them around here in years! And me without a camera handy, again.

Knitting - I am finishing things, slowly. But I am craving linen, and craving a mindless flat thing. The brain doesn't want to think of sleeve shaping when it is in the 90s and the days are like this. Must review stash. Must review patterns. Must...sit on couch and think of nothing for the rest of the evening.


Elizabeth said...

If you can find one, I highly suggest picking up a foldable dolly (they are slightly smaller that the huge ones and they fold up small enough to fit in a closet/under a bed). My father bought me one during one of my moves back and forth to school and it was one of the best purchases ever. It will move anything you need it to (well...maybe not a huge bed, but we moved loaded bookcases with it), and still fit in a postage stamp sized manhattan apartment.

Janet said...

How many different ways can you say "hang in there"? So pathetic, but that's all I can think of to say. . .

Anonymous said...


I LOVE Pileateds. I encountered one nearly none-to beak sitting on a stump in the Ozarks once, we both nearly died of fright. I do worry that they will start hanging with the froggy frat boys and compete with each other, except maybe the frat boys dont know they only eat insects and berries...

I am sorry you are having to deal with all of the house issues for your mother. I read a review today about a book- the author has just started a blog- It might be interesting to follow. I'm going to get the book because our parents are in the same place.


Bess said...

I so feel your situation - I so remember last July. It so truly can be done and I know you will do it and then oh you will be donedonedone. I promise that the relief will be greater than the sum of the burdens.

hugs a bunch

Catherine said...

Bess, I tried to email you and it keeps bouncing!

zippiknits said...

The birds are beautiful and increasingly hard to see anywhere. Storms really do them a great harm.

Murphy asleep is so adorable.

Sometimes big table come apart into two pieces and the legs come off as well. Maybe this is what your mother's table will do for you. Hope so.