Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Boris is scanning the employment ads.

The Six Million Hundred Dollar Cat is home, minus 5 teeth, but otherwise it's as if nothing happened. He is purring cheerfully, underfoot, and ate dinner, and you would never know that he had been through such a terrible and expensive ordeal. I think I suffered more than he did, and though he is scanning the employment ads because I told him he needs to get a damn job, I am sure he is going to hold out for a management position. He does have a Masters in Projectile Vomiting.

When I told this expensive cat story at work there was a lot of shared pain, and it did make me feel better. I never realized that adopting a cat is the fastest way to learn that No Good Deed Goes Unpunished. We swapped stories of Fighting Cats with Abscessed Wounds, Cats with Bad Teeth, Cats with Abscessed Wounds AND Bad Teeth....

Oh, and facing a vet tech who tries to make you feel guilty for not brushing your cat's teeth, when you haven't been able to get away from your other obligations to book a dental cleaning for yourself, and it's number 253 on the list of things that must get done Soon. Boy, was he talking to the wrong audience.

Dudley is still hanging out here, and inflicted the only real suffering on Boris - The Greeting. Murphy didn't notice he was gone or that he came back, but Dudley gave him the Returning Soldier Welcome - "Man, you survived The Vet?" I gotta kiss you!"

Dudley is still here because his Mommy is on light duty at work and going for MRIs and seeing worker's comp doctors and such. She twisted her knee at work about three weeks ago, and it didn't quit hurting, so she finally got tired of waiting for it to get better. She may have a torn meniscus. The MRI was today, the verdict is not in yet, but so far two doctors have hmmm-ed over it and we shall see if knee surgery is in the cards.


ikate said...

Good god I hope IS a torn meniscus and not more. That's what they said I had after 2 inconclusive MRIs. I went in for outpatient laparoscopic surgery and ended up there overnight after having my ACL reconstructed using a tendon from my thigh. There is nothing like trying to hobble around a college campus on crutches for 4 weeks. But - the drugs were good and legal and I got to park right next to my dorm since I had daily PT for several weeks. Good times.

That was like 11 years ago, though - they've come a long way with knee surgery!

Amie said...

I had (have) a torn meniscus in high school. Although it did allow me to see my first overturned car and prostitute (who was upright, btw) on the drive to get the MRI done at Johns Hopkins back when scheduling was a nightmare and my appointment was at three in the morning, the general consensus was that surgery would make things worse.

But this was more than kate's eleven years ago, so hopefully Girlchild will be up and around in no time!

crgilvr said...

I would love to ask the vet tech if they have ever TRIED to brush a cat's teeth and, if they have, is that a glass eye they have there?

Catherine said...

I think that "brush your cat's teeth," thing is an inside joke in the vet world - let's tell them they have to do it, and see if they believe it!

Girl is waiting for the word on the MRI, but her first stop was the orthopedic surgeon she saw for knee pain several years ago, the same guy who did amazing surgery on her father when a metastatic tumor broke his femur, which was our Cancer Says Hey! At that time Girl's pain was a bone spur. This time the x-ray didn't show any bone spurs, and Surgeon hmmmed, wanted an MRI, and hinted that maybe there would be arthroscopic surgery in her future if it was the meniscus. Then her employer sent her to the work comp dr., who hmmmed, wanted an MRI, and thought it was the meniscus, and said that if it is, she'll refer Girl right back to the "family" orthopedic surgeon. (Doesn't every family have one? Is it just us?)

My own knees have been bothering me (the congenital thing) but that's just a sign that I need to wear lower heels.