Friday, July 11, 2008

Is it Friday already?

Sigh. Bad blogger. Life is getting in the way. I'd like to tell you that it is in the way for fun things, but that would be a Lie. Unless you find:

A diagnosis of C-diff for the mother;

A cat who had $700 worth of medical attention and is still puking and now has symptoms in common with his grandma;

A job that is a damn long drive to feel very confused much of the time, but I do like the people.

A commute that today took 90 minutes. Just how you want to spend a Friday afternooon! The Turnpike floods, yes, floods, in a "normal afternoon rain," which is, of course, the type of rain that put Iowa under water, but for us that's the afternoon commute in summer, and we are on sand. Very dry sand. Even with all of the rain we've had lately, we are still on water restrictions and the aquifer is still below normal. Yet, the Turnpike flooded. And there is construction work going on, right around where it floods...? Hmmm.

Mother's C-diff is clearing up, I think. She was quite a miserable little camper, and she took her misery out on me in person and on the phone, as if I had given it to her. I think she's had it since December, looking back - her first complaints were back around Christmas, and I don't know if her doctor ever thought of it. But she's been angry and uncooperative and miserable for weeks, most memorably Tuesday night, when she called me and woke me up. I called the nurses' station and asked them to see what that was all about and turned off my ringer, because the alarm goes off at 5. After 10, she left a very screechy, bitter, angry voicemail, one of at least a half dozen this week, not counting the many times I took a deep breath and answered and let her cry and bitch at me live. (I know she's okay when she's strong enough to bitch like that.) I saw her last night and she was quite delightful, so normal, sweet, and good I wondered if I had the right old lady. She is doing PT and eating, adjusting to the nursing home, likes the staff, greets them by name, said dinner was delicious, and is even taking part in an activity now and then. She may get well enough to go back to assisted living, don't know yet. I think that if she gets back on her feet she would be better off in assisted living, it's a far more normal and un-hospital-like way to live, but right now it's all about getting her back on her feet, and at last she has figured this out and is doing PT and eating.

My house is a wreck, I am wiped out, and I am going to bed very early. Tomorrow I will take the granddog to the vet for his checkup. Vet is around the corner for me, and far for Girl, and she's back on night shifts. After his early vet appointment I will run errands and then tackle the mess. Then it will rain again. There will be movies and crocheting after the work is done.

So, now the internets are all caught up. Oh, I didn't tell you that Murphy rolled in something gross and I had to give him a bath after 8 last night, and I still don't know where the something gross came from. That was special. Right up there with staggering to the kitchen at 5 for a cup of coffee and skidding in cat puke.

Don't you wish you were me right now? Me neither.

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Bess said...

How do dogs manage to find that stuff? Glad to hear your mother is a little better, sorry to hear she talks so mean. hmmm. mean people.... must be the full moon coming up.