Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Summer of Stuff.

Where does the time go? Let's see:

Monday through Friday: 24x5=120 hours
Less 50 hours spent in office: 70
Less another 10 hours minimum commuting to said office: 60
I shoot for 7 hours of sleep at night, so we're down to: 25
I must bathe and groom myself, we'll call that 5 hours, so we're at 20.
Visiting mother in nursing home is probably another 2 weekday hours (more on weekends).

So I have 18 hours during the week for cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, exercise, critter care, paying bills, socializing (hah!) hobbies and blogging. Blogging is suffering lately.

I was up at 6 today, and in an hour or so I'm off to my mother's house for the first time in several weeks. I don't plan to put in a full day there but I can clean out the fridge(s) and pantry, and start packing up the good china, etc. Then I have to figure out what to do with a lot of the Stuff. She doesn't want it, and except for the china, I don't want it. The kids have laid claim to a few specific items, but that leaves a ton of Stuff. I'd like to get the house ready to rent before snowbird season, so there's a ton of Stuff to empty out of it.

My dear friend R is going over with me next weekend in his big truck, we will hitch up a U-Haul trailer and bring back some furniture she wants at the assisted living apartment, and I will drive her car back to my house so we can sell it. She is still in the nursing home but is doing better so far. The other day I'd had a cheery report from the staff, followed by a Phone Call of Misery from Herself, which is why I snitfully crossed through the upbeat news. But yesterday her attitude had adjusted, and she appears to get along really well with everyone there. I did get a hoot out of her talking about one of her table-mates at mealtime, "She's such a little tiny lady, she eats like a bird and she's so quiet she never talks to anybody." IOW, she's my mother, two weeks ago. So, at this point it appears that sometime in the next few weeks she will be discharged back to her apartment, and I want to have the furniture she wants in place there, I think that will go a long way to improving her attitude.

And, in my ample spare time, I am once again working on getting my own house in order to put it on the market. The reality of my new income level is sinking in; I really can't afford to keep the house. I triumphed over my husband's death and my own brain thang, but the economy is killing me. As much as I despise garage sales, I will be having several over the next month or so, I think. I am drowning in Stuff. I had enough of my own Stuff, and now I also have to deal with my mother's Stuff.

Girlchild checked in last night, they arrived safely, and she found a pearl in one of her oysters at dinner. I have to take that as a good omen.

I'm off to figure out a Place for a Lot of Stuff.

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KatyaR said...

That's always been my favorite George Carlin bit. I can commiserate--I have way too much stuff, too, and I just threw away a ton.

Glad to hear Mom's doing better. I hope things settle down soon.