Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We Interrupt the Usual Train Wreck....

With some good news. The nurse and administrator of the assisted living facility went to check on my mother at the nursing home, and speak to the staff, and it's unanimous that she should be capable of returning to her apartment. We don't have a discharge date; it depends on how fast she progresses in the PT she is finally doing, and how fast the C-diff clears up. Both are making progress. So, Yay.

A cousin who had cancer surgery last week (my younger cousin, the one I grew up with like a sister) got a clean bill of health today - the cancer had not spread. I had been holding my breath on that one, it was a particularly nasty kind of cancer, and me with my "U of Hard Knocks Med School" background (degree conferred by my friend A), I knew too much about it. It's right up there with renal cancer on the Oh Fuck Scale, and has a similar treatment protocol and dismal survival rate unless it is caught early, so this was very good news indeed.

And the wonderful Miss Doxie is blogging again.

This is a good day.

Fuck. I'm tired.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Someone beat that Freaking Cancer. kicked it's butt. Hugs for you and your very close cousin. My daughter had malignant melanoma removed that didn't spread a few months ago. So glad to hear your cousin's good news.