Saturday, August 30, 2008

3 day weekend. Day One Down.

And I did little. Laundry, minor housework. Movies, knitting.

Visited mom last night. She's back in the nursing home, and may I say God Bless the people who came up with the anti-depressant/appetite stimulant she's on! Holy crap! We had a truly pleasant visit. She loves the food at the nursing home, and raved about the seafood salad she had the other day. She knows all of the staff by name, and many of the residents, and when I wheeled her through the halls she greeted everybody very cheerfully. Her hair seems to be growing back - she honestly looked like a sick, mangy old dog two weeks ago. Gray complexion, random sores on her skin, bald patches on her head. It hurt to see her - she was an "adorable" little old lady a year ago.

She's on oxygen - yeah, she does appear to be in heart failure, drive-by cardiologist opinion notwithstanding - and it has given her color in her cheeks. Nutrition has helped, she's actually eating and her hair appears to be trying to make a comeback. She is still too weak to participate in PT, but her nurses are on it and in a week will revisit it. But whatever - it's so nice to see her calm and lucid and Normal. She's so sweet to the staff now, too - she greets them all by name and thanks them for everything they do. She made up with her roommate, too. She finally got it through her head that her roommate has NO family nearby and never gets visitors, so she's okay with "sharing" me. They both have a passion for Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, so I now bring a bag for visits. Her aide helped me load her and a portable oxygen tank into a wheelchair and we sat outside in the garden and enjoyed a pleasant evening breeze. It actually was nice! I filled her in on the financial and other juggling I've been doing and the plans I've made for her care, and she was totally on it. She also appreciates how much work it is for me, on top of the other full time job. If she can stay this way - reasonable, lucid, nice to be around - I can deal with this. I know from a lifetime of experience that this person can disappear at any time, but damn, if she can be like this, this would be so easy.

Okay, easy is an exaggeration - it's still overwhelming. But doing it for someone who is at least lucid and reasonable and trying to be cooperative, vs. doing it for the Angry Little Troll Woman, makes a huge difference to me. God Bless Her Meds.

45 minutes on the elliptical trainer today. I like my modest home model ET, but damn, really miss the Rolls Royce versions at the gym I can no longer afford.

Speaking of things I can no longer afford, my yarn stash is my salvation. Right now we are in Socks Mode.

Socks for me - done. Socks for Boy - cast on, 5 inches of cuff knit. They will be his basic Amish kind of sock - 2x2 ribbing, tweedy colors on gray, wild stuff. He called today with News - he is moving back to Asheville in 30 days, some sort of complicated thing where another manager is taking over the space he's leasing and he's going back to the mothership. I was just thinking how I love Asheville and need to go sit by a waterfall. And it looks like a free bedroom space will be opening up.

Tomorrow is more housework, garage sale prep, haircut, and another mother visit. Then Monday is another day off!

Did I mention it rained like hell all day today, and that's why there are no tales of poolside lounging? That's why.


k said...

Thanks for posting, I was worrying.
I'm glad you get time with Mom that isn't nuts. That counts so much.

ChelleC said...

Whew! Thank God for small favors.

Anonymous said...

What a change, and a weight off your shoulders that she is getting better, enjoys her surroundings and is eating again. You are a very good daughter. The rants are just so that you can go back and do it all over again, we know that. You are a VERY GOOD DAUGHTER! Hugs to you Catherine!