Monday, August 04, 2008

All Disgusting, All the Time.

Whew, the last few weeks of blog entries pretty much sum things up - nasty bodily function issues that are not my own, financial stress, and a lot of swearing.

I'm hoping August will be a bit better. So far, not.

The new red chair is now slipcovered, and I added an extra folded sheet on the seat (extra absorbency, you know). The cats promptly moved to an unprotected piece of furniture. I took all the fun out of it.

I know, once up on a time this was a knitting blog! I still do knit and crochet a bit here and there. Yesterday I assembled the parts of a linen shrug that has been sitting in pieces since spring, and had a hell of a time seaming it. There is a reason I prefer one piece sweaters, I haven't sewn a seam in years, and linen is "challenging" in every way. I finally resorted to what would be a lumpy backstitched seam if done in wool, and decided it looked just fine in Euroflax, and went a lot faster than neatly weaving the pieces.

I can't believe it's August already! I knew months ago that this would be the Summer of Stuff and No Fun, and it has lived up (down) to my expectations. No light at the end of the tunnel yet.

I'm crocheting a cotton afghan and a linen tote bag, and my right hand is tingling from the repetitive motion with small hooks in unforgiving fibers. I think I need to get back to work on the wool sweater, and maybe start a pair of socks for Boy.

I am not addicted to making socks because I don't wear socks, other than the white athletic type when I exercise. Girl is like me. Boy, OTOH, does appreciate socks, and is also the only one of us in a chilly enough climate in winter to actually need them.
And his birthday is next month, and I could probably finish a sock between now and then. An actual pair will probably take me until Christmas. Just being realistic here.

I'm continuing my focus on staying healthy, and am trying to walk the recommended 10,000 steps a day, wearing a pedometer to check my results. On weekends it's a snap - I easily walk 15000+ without trying. On weekdays, when I spend hours at a desk or in my car, I have to make a conscious effort to see 7000. Afternoon thunderstorms have killed afternoon walks lately, and at dusk and in the pre-dawn the mosquitoes are swarming. We have had a lot of rain this summer - I'm not complaining, really, rain is good after years of drought, but this isn't the usual afternoon thunderstorm pattern. The usual pattern is the clouds roll in, it rains for 30 minutes, and the clouds roll out, and the evening is rain-free. Lately, the thunderstorms boil up around 2 and hang around until after 7, when the aforementioned mosquitoes start waking up. So 10k steps on weekdays remains a goal. I'm not there yet.

So, yeah, there's Mama Drama, Cat Crises, Money Moaning, Commuting Costs, Work Weariness, and it rains a lot. Damn, when I write it all down I depress myself!

This horoscope didn't cheer me up, either. It's all financial, all grim, just like real life.

You also seem interested in changing your home space, perhaps in big or little ways. If, after you analyze your income and outgo, it becomes clear that your rent is too burdensome, you may now move.

I wish I could just pick up and move. How I wish.


k said...

Oh queen of linen - I found a skein of 100 yards of grey linen. A thin scarf? I was thinking about doubling it with some slubby novelty stuff I've got lying about and doing a feather and fan thing, but will it be enough?
Can you rent the house out and rent a place somewhere closer to work? Or would that be too insane? Maybe someplace that loves dogs and hates cats?I like the way the horoscope is giving you permission to move.

Catherine said...

100 yards sounds awfully puny for a scarf. My first thought is lacy washcloth. Gray is so sophisticated for a washcloth, tres fashion magazine spread.

No, I can't rent the house out. The total cost of owning it is more than I can get for it in rent, and I would have to pay rent on the apartment and basically bleed out financially even faster. I'm just screwed until I sell it, and there is no guarantee I can find a buyer in any reasonable length of time, so I may just be screwed, period. FL is one of the worst markets in the country. I drive past the apartment complex of choice, and they are now offering 3 months free rent. This is surreal, because when the condo conversion boom hit a ton of apartments went away to be condos (and are now also up for rent). Yeah, people are losing their houses, but they aren't moving into apartments, so they must be leaving. For where, I am not sure, but a lot of places are better than here.