Monday, August 18, 2008

Dudley's First Major Weather Event!

Dudley is 3, and in the last 3 years major weather has avoided hitting Central Florida. Which will make the next 24 hours really interesting, because Dudley panics at Minor Weather. Even a normal afternoon thunderstorm terrifies him.

My office is closed tomorrow, which is good. He will have grandma's lap, where he can sit and tremble and fart. He farts when he's nervous. Please mentally join hands and pray that we don't lose electricity (because heat, humidity and dog farts...) or the fence. Because I really don't have more money to pour into this frigging house, and the fence has been weakened since the festivities in 04. This is not going to be a big, bad storm but it's a slow mover, and we are on the northeast side, the more aggressive side.

I just hope we don't have tornadoes. I hate them. Florida houses have no basements, my best tornado shelter is the hall bathroom.

So, I will assemble a new knitting project this evening - maybe Socks for Boy - and I've charged the camera battery. If the power stays on, I'll try to photoblog the festivities. Be glad this isn't Smellovision. Dudley will be Nervous.

Oh, and on to genuine festivities - Girlchild found out today that she got the teaching position she's been promised for what feels like forever! She will have a classroom, a day job, and a decent paycheck. Yayyayyay!!!!


Anonymous said...

Watching the weather and thinking of you. Ahhh, the picture of heat, humidity, and dog farts is priceless. And maybe in not such a good way. I will be keeping fingers crossed for you. My mother went through Katrina and never even lost power, so I will try and channel some of her karma your way.


Catherine said...

We're usually pretty good here (just cursed myself, I know). Underground utilities in the neighborhood, and the power company has been trimming trees faithfully. The only really bad time was the week after Frances - a week without electricity in 90 degree heat and daily rain, oh, that was memorable. I took a cold shower and packed my hair dryer, drove to the office to dry my hair. That office was much closer than this one.