Friday, August 22, 2008

Still Raining.

And Screw Blogger! I tried to upload a video of the wind and rain for your amusement, and the upload keeps failing, and I get a message to "report" the problem - the message doesn't link to a reporting mechanism, but to a forum where hapless Blogger users can spend hours searching for answers before they can ask questions about why shit doesn't work. That's their help desk now? Look, it's simple, I have uploaded video before, it worked, I know how to do it, and now it is giving me an error message. It's not me, Blogger, it really is you. I've been using Blogger for years now, too lazy to change, but honestly, this is enough to make me rethink this loyalty inertia. Or at least I would rethink it if I had time to think about it at all, but I don't, so whatever.

It has been raining nonstop since, let's see, around 8 Tuesday night. Yesterday was hideous, many neighborhoods are underwater, commuting is hazardous to say the least, and yes, the office was open. I think we're open today, I will have to call the hotline in a bit and confirm this, and I have no vacation time yet because I'm still "new" so I can't even take a damn vacation day. The joke I posted Wednesday is funny because it's true.

Fay has pretty much stopped all progress on everything on my to-do list, but this weekend there will be a U-Haul rental and a moving of furniture out of the ALF. Girl and I will tackle this together, since the menfolk are all working and we are sick of waiting for them.

My mother is still in the hospital, though she is reportedly doing much better. A very nice nurse went over her chart with me on the phone yesterday, and concluded that she probably had pneumonia, caused by cracked ribs from one of her falls (I was told after those falls that she had no broken bones, but these x-rays showed cracked ribs that have not healed). She still has C-diff, too. Last night she called and left a garbled phone message so I called her back and we had a really daffy conversation - she thinks she is in a house (I told you the hospital doesn't look like a hospital) and that the tech taking care of her owns the house. But she was otherwise in a decent mood. Still not cooperating with PT though, and not eating much. And on and on it goes.

Happy Friday.


Sue said...

I've been thinking about you!

ellen said...

I've been watching the news and thinking of you this week. *hugs*

zippiknits said...

I hope that thing missed you down there. It hit pretty hard for a tropical storm.

Catherine said...

If 14 inches of rain counts as missing, it missed me. But my neighborhood didn't flood, except for a few spots that are slow to drain. Neighborhoods 5 minutes from me weren't so lucky!