Thursday, August 07, 2008


Look who dropped by for a few days!

I've been whining about my Drama, but Girlchild is in Drama of her own. Her roommate picked up and moved out and stuck her with the rent. (This was nothing personal between them, entirely the roommate's personal drama.) Did I mention that my daughter is a behavioral therapist and doesn't make shit for doing a challenging job? Yeah. So, luckily her landlord is a decent sort, and they worked out a compromise that only leaves her screwed over, instead of totally, hopelessly FUBAR. I will help out to my limited ability and of course the back bedrooms remain open for use as a place to flop if she needs time to regroup. So she is packing to exit the premises, and figured this would go faster without a helpful Boston. Murphy is happy to have his buddy here again. Murphy is 5 years younger when Dudley is here.

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