Saturday, September 27, 2008

Actual knitting content. Really.

Boy's Trekking XXL socks are done. I really liked working with this yarn, it had just the right amount of bounce to make the knitting flow nicely. I do hope they fit. The pattern is the basic sock pattern from the Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd, with a 2x2 rib carried down the instep to the toe. Socks for dummies.

And the Euroflax Worsted scored from WEBS? (3 skeins already rolled into handy ugly balls not shown here.) Ravelry gave me the right pattern in a heartbeat - it needs to be a February Lady Sweater. Euroflax worsted is a light worsted, it would drape like a a dream in this, and after seaming a linen sweater once, never again. Top down raglan, easy lace, in that divine Celtic Blue, it goes with jeans and with office slacks - I love it. The color is so perfect. It is My Blue.


Francesca said...

Oh Lord, I love the comment on the pattern -- "to fit a grown-ass woman." I've shied away from sweaters (not only because of my grown ass, but because I'm almost never cold), but this looks promising.

As does the delicious yarm.

-- Janet (Blogger has me under my middle name)

Linda said...

Oooo! Love the yarn, color and pattern. Just learning to knit (longtime crocheter) can't wait to start on something like that.

zippiknits said...

Thanks for the warning about knitting content. lol. You knit a lot actually. The blue is really beautiful and the sweater is, too.

Love those socks. You've been busy!

Hope little Murphy is all peppy and happy still.

k said...

I don't belong to Ravelry, so I'll google it instead. But I never told you how much I like your blog header picture, and I thought I should.

Catherine said...

Ravelry is most useful as a source of pattern inspiration. I'm not very active there and I keep forgetting to update my projects and stuff.

Glad you like the picture, I'm proud of it; it was one of my rare flashes of inspiration that worked the way I saw it in my brain.

Amy in StL said...

I have one of those sweaters in time-out right now. Next time, I'd do a yarn over increase, because I never got the hang of the one they had me doing. It looked all wonky. And when I tried it on after fighting through several inches of the lace pattern, it was just kind of bulky and unpleasant looking. I hope you have better luck than I did!

Catherine said...

Finally getting back to this - what yarn did you use? I'm counting on the linen to do its linen thing and drape. I saw a finished sweater in linen and it looked the way I'd pictured, so I have my fingers crossed. Still haven't started it. Been working on socks.