Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Dramatically Unproductive Day at Work.

Oy. Highly Condensed: Called nursing home to ask about my mother. She not there. She in hospital. Hospital not call to say admitting her. Stop.

Call hospital. Talk to nice nurse. He says my mother "spunky" and "challenging" and "confused." She ripped out her IV. She was out of it. Me, Skool of Hard Nocks MD, inquired as to her oxygen level. He said, yes, low, he put her on oxygen. I say, I bet she'll be easier to manage later.

Ortho called around 3. Saw mother, says she's damn lucky it's not a busted hip, but she should do whatever she can do, and do PT, and otherwise no restrictions. I said Good luck with that PT thing.

Nurse calls again later, says mother moved to new room closer to nursing station so they can keep a better eye on her, because she is "Spirited." Uh-ohes.

So, with fingers crossed, I visited tonight. And she was fine. Her O2 level was back up where it should be, and she was calmer, and only occasionally reaching for words, just mildly confused, just mildly not herself. Tired, not wacky. And also sharp enough to tell me exactly how she fell, and wonder if maybe her O2 level was low and that's why she lost balance. She was leaving the bathroom, with an aide helping her, and she rounded the corner from the bathroom to head for her bed (about 4 steps away) and whoa, down she went. She was shocked, everybody was shocked. So, now the guy who said the congestive heart failure was "resolved?" Yeah, dude, would you like a do-over?

So she's still in the hospital (I want a reserved parking space) but probably only for a day or two, until they do a PT eval and send her back to the nursing home to follow through on it. Good luck with that.

And I came home to find my sprinklers are running!

Edited: We, way over in Orlanduh, got hit by impressive outer bands of Ike today. Wind, rain, lightning. Yeah, the effects are that big.

And I went to the timer and turned it to "off" and yet, the water kept coming. Drooling - not full power, but still on, wasting water. It's not on a dedicated breaker, so killing power wasn't an answer. It's part of the potable water system, so turning off water, still not an answer. So I called the company that installed the timer, and left a voicemail.

Whoa. As I'm typing this, my phone rang - I'd left a message for the sprinkler repair company, and she called me back - at 8 p.m.! And told me how to shut off the system from the backflow valve. And I grabbed my flashlight and went out into the darkness, did what she said, and it's off. And they will come out in the morning to check it out and figure out what happened. And if you need a really service-oriented sprinkler company in the Orlando area, just ask, because I am now a devoted customer. Holy crap.


carlarey said...

Sorry to hear about the continuing drama with your mother. It's so draining.

And what does it say about customer service that we are shocked beyond speech when it happens?

Janet said...

I'm just impressed that you knew how to work the timer. I'm still trying to figure that one out myself on my system.

Catherine said...

Their customer service is fabulous, but you do pay for it. The system needed a lot of work (I knew this going in) and yet I still nearly fainted when I got the grand total. But I have a new backflow, the rain gauge I always wanted, and the valves have been un-redneckified. The original system was 20 years old and totally redneck engineered - it worked, but was, at best, "quaint." Over the years I've had it tweaked, but the leaking backflow becoming a gushing backflow yesterday was the last straw. A buyer's home inspector would have busted the previous setup (and rightly so) so, yeah. A thousand bucks I didn't have to spare. Money in the bank is SO overrated! I'm a homeowner! I'm supposed to be thrilled that I just spent a grand on a house that probably lost another grand in value this week.

Janet - my timer is by Rainbird, and it's basically a fancy-pants alarm clock that you can set by time and day. My last timer got zapped by lightning last year, and good riddance - I never did get the damn thing set right.