Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Saturday Night

and I ain't got nobody,
I got no money though I just got paid....
How I wish I had a non-canine to talk to
He's ignoring me, snoring away
(with HUGE apologies to Sam Cooke)

I did make Murphy happy today. We did a Road Trip to the other house, to check on things. It still stands. It still has a lot of shit to get out of it. I did bag trash and bring back the very 70s lamp boy wanted, plus another "so ugly it's beautiful" lamp I might want, or he might want, and the mantel clocks and some small items Girl can call dibs on or they get garage saled. The kitchen is nearly done. Another box of pots and pans Girl might want - or garage sale they go - and a couple more bags of trash and it's done. The house isn't done, just the kitchen. The house is, I think, one or two more throwing-out trips and another two person and rented U-Haul from done. Then we call in the estate sale people and open the doors to the locusts.

And - this was the Find of the Day - in a kitchen cabinet over the sink, the one that was at least a foot out of my mother's reach, I Gram's teapot. I'm guessing my father stuck it up there 11 years ago when they moved in, and never thought of it again. It's at least 50 years old, black with broad gold brushstrokes, and just the sort of small memento I can actually keep. Photos tomorrow. I know nothing about guessing the age of teapots but I know I'm 50 and it has been around as long as I can remember.

Tomorrow we sell the car. We, as in Girl and I, because if I drive the car to Carmax and they offer the figure I expect them to offer, I'll need a ride home. A couple of co-workers were interested but the timing wasn't right for them, and I have zero desire to add dealing with potential car buyers to my to-do list, so Carmax it is.

My mother is back at the nursing home. I will visit tomorrow, after the car adventure. And thus another tiring weekend of dealing with my mother's issues will end, and the work week will begin again.

I will, I swear, kill my gray roots and paint my nails tomorrow. I'm so tired of not having any me time, that I, the Queen of the Type A Types, am fantasizing about a professional mani-pedi - just to book time in which I "can't" do for anybody else or take care of things on my Lists, because my ass is stuck in a chair with someone doing for me. I'm tired enough to dream of that tonight.

For now, I will settle for a rerun of My Cousin Vinny (one of my all-time favorite movies) and working on Boy's sock. Until my eyes slam shut.

Another Saturday night...yeah, this sucks.


ellen said...

By all means turn off your phone and go get the mani/pedi, and maybe a massage. You're headed for trouble if you don't set aside a bit of care for yourself. This is my prescription for you - go get it filled (and refilled once a month if you can).

Anonymous said...

I hope that you got away from the phone and got some Peace and some Pampering.

You are just doing one helluva job for your Mom you know. Bless ya!