Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Another Week, Another Grim Medical Thing

Fractured pelvis without displacement. They took her to the ER this evening, to get a damn ortho to look at her, because the earliest appointment they could get was for FRIDAY. Seriously. Fractured Pelvis. 82. We'll see her on Friday.

Who are these dumbfucks who claim we have the best medical care in the world and if we move to universal health care, we'll lose it? Obviously, people who haven't played the game at this level. Boy, are they gonna be surprised when they get there.

Meanwhile, I have no idea what level of care she will need going forward, or if the $6,000 a month it costs now is going to look like a fond memory. I can't think about that now. I will think about that tomorrow. Fiddle-dee-dee.

When and if we get past this and I ever have a life again, I'm thinking of the remedial classes I need:

How to Make Light, Interesting Conversation with People Under 80. Advanced Level: Flirting! Like Riding a Bicycle!

Swapping Personal Stories: How to Make Shit Up When Reality is Scary.

and of course, the final in the series:
Dating: What Normal People Do! Will Include Field Trips to Restaurants, Movies, to Re-enter What Other People Think Of As Normal.

Damn, I do have a really weird life.

I'm sad and tired and totally unable to remember a time when life wasn't insanely "challenging."


Anonymous said...

Catherine - I haven't posted a comment in a long time - but I just have to post and say - you certainly deserve a period of time in which life isn't so challenging... I mean I am sure you are by now the biggest expert on the messed up medical system there is by this point in time - but that's certainly not something anyone wants to learn by experiencing it - twice. I'm praying for you and your mother - you certainly deserve some good Karma coming your way soon!

KatyaR said...

A fractured pelvis is better than a fractured hip at that age. Thank her (and your) lucky stars.

I hope things get better soon! Hugs . . . .

Amy in StL said...

I had a black lab who had a fractured pelvis. She had a large rugby player fall on her. The vet said to keep her from running up and down the stairs until it healed. So tell your mom to lay off the running for a while and to stay out from under rugby players! :)

Sorry, I always resort to humor in tough situations.

Brenda said...

I did just buy a bike. Whenever I can make time to go for a little ride, it does give me a pleasant break from the Death, Dying, and Nursing Homes. (My situation is a little like yours, but my parents are both still living, and able to care for one another. It is still Depressing as Hell to watch the decline in both their physical condition and their dignity.) I'm 46, and I pray to God that by the time I'm through helping my peeps through their old age, I'm not going through my own---there has to be a little break in there somewhere. Now I understand why old men are so attracted to younger women---besides the obvious, they have stuff to talk about besides Death, Dying, and Nursing Homes.

Catherine said...

Amy - love the rugby player suggestion. Humor is the only way to deal with this, believe me. Otherwise I'd go nuts, er, nuttier than I already am.