Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Midweek Round-Up

Okay, so I don't really talk politics anymore, but I have to say that the Repubs have managed to exceed my, wait, what is the opposite of exceeding my? They are far more fucked up than my initial opinion. And as it appears that Palin was announced as VP first and vetted later, (and HOLY SHIT, the first scratchings at the surface are a scream!) the question must be asked: Do we really want a reckless old fart like this in the White House? He either didn't vet her or just chose impulsively because they wouldn't let him have his real choice; either way, this is seriously damn scary.

Considering packing up and heading for Canada if, through the grace of Diebold, he wins.

And what the hell is wrong with the women who reportedly are switching their support from Hillary to McCain because of Sarah Who? Hillary and "Sarah Who?" have NOTHING in common but their ladybits.

But it is the subject of screamingly funny evil video: McCain's Brain. Why WAS he looking at her ass? Repeatedly? And fiddling with his wedding ring? Priceless.

Cranky Old Guy and Sarah Who: a team that will keep you awake at night, scared.


k said...

Oh, god, that's just gross! We thought W was bad. What will this guy do in Germany?
Nobody who was going to vote for Hillary will vote for the Queen of Darkness.

Catherine said...

Oh, she's not the Queen of Darkness! She's a small town gal from a virtually unpopulated state, who as McCain's VP would be frighteningly close to the Oval Office. I don't agree with her on any level, but she's just another goofy right wing token woman. One who might end up running the country if Cranky Old Guy gets elected and then keels over. How any Hillary supporter could consider going this way - it's surreal.

ikate said...

I CANNOT wait for the VP debates - I am so excited I could scream. There is so much wrong with this choice I don't even know where to begin. From being a desperate, blatant and misguided attempt to attract Clinton supporters to the failure of the vetting process it's been fun to watch it unfold.

To paraphrase one of my favorite bloggers, Dutch of Sweet Juniper: It's not like I'm going to vote for the old pervert and Jamie Lynn's mom.

Anonymous said...

And it REALLY looks funny-peculiar from the perspective of the Land Down Under. And I'm prepared to bet that the citizens of the Land of the Long White Cloud (NZ) are just as perplexed. After all, NZ and Aust share a sense of humour (generally fairly black!).

Apparently the lady got a passport recently - amazing. I wonder if she can tell the difference between Australia and Austria.

Best of luck - surely the system cannot let you down 3 times in a row.

Gae in Callala Bay

Anonymous said...

Second thoughts: One of my uncles just failed to survive three and a half years of Japanese 'hospitality' and therefore conditions and suffering we can never truly comprehend. He was a PoW on Ambon from mid-February 1942 until 27th July 1945 - he nearly made it.

Because of this I do feel a great respect for John McCain. But even if I were in a position to do so, I would not vote for him. His choice of running mate confirmed my opinion.

Loved the video - seriously wicked.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Anonymous said...

Love the description "ladybits" how can anyone compare Ms. Palin and Hillary Clinton -- this is such a joke, just hope it doesn't end up a bad joke on the US!

I hope your mother is continuing to improve or at least eat and be in a good mood.

ellen said...

It's not funny here in the Bible Belt. People who I had previsouly believed to be intelligent are buying her in a big way.

Janet said...

Re, what Ellen said: That's what I'm the most curious about. How can intelligent people buy any of that crap? Every day something else pops up about her. This morning I heard she tried to have some books banned at the Wasilla library. Even if only half of this stuff is true, it makes me shudder. Iraq War? "A task from God." Polar bears--they're getting in the way of drilling. Intelligent design? But of course, let's teach it!

My theory is that John McCain has sold his soul to the devil.

k said...

I don't think it's his soul he's thinking about...

Cursing Mama said...

Did you see this?

There are a whole series. Not work safe - but well worth the view.