Tuesday, September 09, 2008

On and On.

Yesterday started out just fine - I was on time for work, traffic was light, at around 7:30 I was getting off the exit at the office when my cell rang. Uh-oh.

Yeah, it was the nursing home. My mother fell, and they were going to bring in a portable x-ray machine to take a look at her hip, because she was in pain. No word later in the day; I expect they won't get the radiologist's report until today. So she is in bed again, which is bad for her lungs, and this sad saga continues.

I should have expected it. We'd had at least a week without a call from the nursing home.

Today is Boy's birthday. How did I get old enough to have a 28 year old son, when I swear I'm only 35?


Bess said...

Oh what a darling little boy! How sad we only have them for such a short time. The only compensation is they grow up into such nice adults - especially the tall ones who get things down for you.

Good luck with your mom.

Catherine said...

Mine's around 5'7", but his sister is good at reaching stuff. ;-)

Catherine said...

Okay, he may be 5'8". But he is also freakishly strong. Seriously. It's kind of scary to watch.