Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Good news:

It really is pleasantly cooler! I know the rest of the country will think it's a riot that 82 is "cooler," but seriously, it feels great. I may start walking at lunch.

Boy's second sock just needs a Kitchenered toe, but that requires focus, and tonight has been wine and television.

I am watching the financial crisis through the fingers over my eyes. My employment is directly tied to the availability of project financing from the level that is currently coughing up blood on Wall Street. Can't say more. Feeling vulnerable.

But!!! We do actually have good news from La Famiglia Bossy Cane. Girl received the word from the state that she is Eligible for the teaching certificate she is seeking. She needs a class or two to become fully certified as an Autism specialist, but her undergrad psych degree took her a long way (who says an undergrad in psych is totally worthless?) She will get a nice salary bump for this approval, and another nice salary bump after getting the full certification. Still not a ton of money for the challenging job she does while dodging occasional physical harm, but she loves what she does. I envy her that.

So, I'm thinking that this may signal a change in the karmic tide for all of us. Girl found a great place to rent close to work, loves her job, and will get a fat raise. Maybe it will rub of on the rest of us.

Dudley is with me this week, because the raise isn't in the paycheck yet and Girl is working 12 and 16 hour days this week to get the overtime. Roommate Drama was awfully expensive.

Mama drama: Not good. She's not good. I'm spending half my work day on the phone dealing with her issues.

So, midweek summary: same old dark clouds, with an occasional bit of sunshine and a bouncy black and white dog who farts a lot. And a damn near finished sock.

I have so many more profound things to say about finishing projects and a budget so tight it squeaks and preparing for a garage sale to sell off my life, but, yeah, did I mention the wine? And Dancing with the Stars is on? Thinking can wait.


dragon knitter said...

as the parent of an autistic child, i applaud girl for going into that specialty. it's tough enough being the parent of one autistic child, but to work with them on a daily basis? wow.

Catherine said...

Not little kids either - after two years of working her way through the ranks as a staffer, she now has a classroom of a half dozen teenagers. It's a residential program, these are the kids who couldn't live at home or go to a public school. She loves what she does, loves "her kids" and I agree, it's a gift.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask you a personal question? Where did the cats come from?
I'm really impressed that they are living with you. Or you're living with them.
I was given permission to be undecided for a while yet. It will cost me a fortune, but still.

Catherine said...

Adopted from Petsmart. Higgins was 11 months old, Boris and Natasha were barely 8 weeks (abandoned and bottle fed). I know I rant about hating cats, I really don't - cats are cool. But as they get older, and only IMHO, you get less return on the pet investment - right now, Boris and Higgins are 12 and 13, and they demand food, fill the litterbox, and occasionally throw up on furniture. Dogs are more useful -they need exercise and socialization, and that makes a responsible dog owner get off the couch. Just MHO, of course.

Anonymous said...

Ah, but I do wish you could meet The Ancient Moggie, Vegemite. She landed on our doorstep, a funny feisty bundle of black cattitude, about 8 weeks, superb temperament, developed an amazing thick silky coat, in length somewhere been short hair and Persian. Blacky / brown. A friend insists that she is a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Sometime in the middle of November, Vegemite will turn 22. She has not used a litterbox since she considered herself 'grownup'. We just make sure she has a corner of the garden that is easy to dig and scratch in, and rake it clean once a week. These days she is so thin that you could cut your hand on her shoulder blades, but there is nothing organically wrong. She still has all her teeth, in sound condition.

Apart from her 'demand feeding' schedule, she sleeps most of the day, but when she is awake she is still fully 'with' us. She has been with us just over half our married life - which will make for a huge wrench when the time comes.

Gae, in Callala Bay

Catherine said...

My next-door neighbor's cat made it to 22. Same thing - so thin you would think she was starving, but quite capable and social, until she finally went to sleep one day and didn't wake up. We all should have that life - what's cat 22 in human years?

Though I did clean up more cat puke today, so I will not wax romantic about the two living with me, and the thought that Boris will be puking on the new couch and the next windowsill doesn't charm me.