Monday, September 01, 2008

Weekend Over. Next Time Off

will be Thanksgiving Weekend! End of November! Unless, of course, I get laid off from my job again, and that is not entirely impossible but they tell me is highly unlikely (Yeah, yeah, I've heard that one before). But, we will soldier on, because it's what we do around the Bossy Doghouse, and not think about that just yet. Because, then we cross the line from Merely Fucked to Spectacularly FUBAR.

Visited my mother again today, and again it was a pleasant visit, and again I bow to the creator of her anti-depressant/appetite stimulant med, because I was treated to a description of the glory of the food, and she greeted staff members (who genuinely appear to adore her) and joked with them, and spoke lucidly and looked so much better. This nursing home really does have awesome food. My mother is not a barbeque fan, but she raved about the barbeque they had the other day, "You could cut it with a fork, it was so tender!" with fresh strawberries and "big dollops of" whipped cream for dessert. Seafood salad, barbeque, fresh fruit and chocolate mousse pies, they feed the residents really well. Her little legs are as big as a skinny child's, she has always been small, but she lost so much weight in the last few months she looks like a scarecrow, but she's eating again. And the Lasix is working on the fluid retention; her ankles aren't puffed up anymore. Her hair is growing back, now that her body is actually absorbing more nutrients. I'm starting to think that if we do get her up on her feet and doing PT, she might be well enough to return to more independent living. Her spirit is better, but her body has to catch up if it can. That remains to be seen, but at least she's in a good place where she is now.

Abrupt change of subject: Socks are dangerously addictive, particularly the Turning of the Heel. I stayed up till almost midnight last night turning the heel on Boy's sock. It's not even an interesting sock, as socks go, but it's just so damn much fun.

My Koigu socks are done.

Girl took Dudley to her temporary apartment arrangement. He was thrilled; he loves me but Mommy is Mommy. He does totally know the difference. Murphy now demands walks instead of the backyard, and is generally gloating that he has HIS Mommy all to himself again. All is well. And we are keeping an eye on Hanna. So far, it looks like Boy may see more of it than we will, but there's time for change.


Enjay said...

They're predicting Hannah will be hitting in my area on Friday at cat2 strength. I'm not too concerned about it right now as it seems to be dinking around, but I am keeping an eye on TS Ike, which is headed towards Hannah. Let us hope that they're ships passing in the night that don't decide to hook up!
Socks are addictive. I knit them top down and use the heels and toes as a reward for the boring leg and foot LOL.
Glad your mom's feeling better!

Amy in StL said...

The first heel turning is scary, and then it's awesome fun, isn't it? The only bad part is that after turning the heel you have to pick up all those stitches for the gusset and suddenly the sock takes so much longer to get around!