Saturday, October 18, 2008

Another Natural Anti-Depressant.

Obama in St. Louis. That sea of people who turned out, just to BE there, because you know most of them couldn't hear a damn thing in a crowd that size.

And today I saw my first "Republicans for Obama" bumper sticker. I managed to be grown-up and not tackle the couple loading groceries into the vehicle with hugs and kisses.

OTOH, in my own neighborhood, we've had a rash of illicit removal of political signs. The McCain/Palin signs haven't been touched, but on my walkies, I've personally seen Obama signs here today, gone tomorrow. Apparently a sign theft victim bitched, because the HOA schoolmarm got out her ruler and said that we all have to be respectful. If only one sign is getting snatched, "we all" aren't guilty. How old is the average McC/P supporter - 12? Or is that an insult to middle schoolers?

My Obama magnet decorates my fridge. I (rightly) figured it'd survive 24 hours on my car.


ChelleC said...

SJW sounds like a good safe idea to try. I could use some myself.

I purposely placed my Obama sign taped to the inside of the rear window on my car so no one can remove it without breaking into my car. I HAVE had some angry drivers flip me off while pointing to my sign so I don't THINK they're just pissed about my driving.

k said...

I think a lot of people have NOT put bumper stickers on their cars, for fear of vandalism. Which is very sick and wrong.

Catherine said...

I didn't do a bumper sticker or yard sign for those reasons. I hate to be so paranoid, but I'm alone here, and I'll err on the side of paranoia under the circumstances. As a practical matter, I've seen Obama signs disappearing - I drove by one yesterday and it was gone today - so why bother? Early voting opens tomorrow, I will vote.

On a happier note, Cousin C lives in FL, in an area of white and financially comfortable retirees. One of her neighbors put out his Obama sign, and a bunch of them are swapping pro-Obama email messages. Her "park your cabin cruiser at your private backyard dock," neighborhood has Obama signs.

zippiknits said...

Our neighborhood has very seldom had any campaign signs up but this year there is one house that had signs for the presidential race, and they were for Obama. Maybe there would be even more but there was an ethnically motivated shooting about a month ago, that ended in a death, so we are understandably a little "on edge".