Friday, October 17, 2008

Busy. Crazy. Good Weather. Not Much Else.

A full weekend awaits. I have six or eight stops on my to do list for Saturday, not including a nursing home stop. No change in my mother's condition, she's on Megace (stronger appetite simulant) now and the nursing home is still asking plaintively about a feeding tube. I won't say they are pressuring me exactly, but they really would be much happier about their own comfort level if I would just overrule my mother and let them stick a tube down her nose and dump nutrients into her. I very nicely told off the social worker the other day. He called to bring it up again, and I said "She's lucid, she's aware, she's capable of eating, she's just not hungry. This happens sometimes. We should continue to encourage her to eat, make her as comfortable and happy as possible, but force-feeding her would be crazy and cruel under the circumstances." I refrained from asking him if he'd like to have a tube shoved down his nose when he's still aware and capable of eating.

He said, "We want to respect the patient's wishes as far as we can." I said, "Wait, did you just say you'll respect her wishes as far as you CAN? I expect you to respect her wishes to the fullest extent. She's aware and she's telling you how she feels and what SHE wants. If she was complaining about being hungry and thirsty and couldn't eat normally, that would be a different story. She can feed herself with a regular knife and fork, she can chew with her own teeth, she can swallow just fine. Let the Megace do what it can, but she doesn't want a feeding tube and I will back her up on this." He changed his tone immediately and said he would support me on this, he understood. But we have yet another call on this issue scheduled for 2 p.m. on Monday. So I can do this again. Jesus H. Christ on a skateboard.

Me, I stopped by the store and picked up a bottle of St. John's Wort. It really does seem to be helping. That, plus a lot of exercise. Tonight I exercised by walking, and then loading Baby with a Goodwill run for tomorrow. Tomorrow's agenda: Goodwill. UPS Store. Petsmart, Target, haircut, oil change. Plus the usual housework, yard stuff, etc. Must deal with Weeds Gone Wild in the front yard, and the all natural Halloween decor (spiders and dead bugs) on the front porch. The Uprooted Bougainvilla and various dead things and such in the back yard will have to take a number. I think their number is in the low 200s this week.

Girl is moving this weekend, so she just dropped Dudley for safekeeping, because would you want to lug furniture from a second floor apartment (no elevator of course) with him underfoot? Her commute to work is going to be 15 minutes max. bitch.

I'm turning the heel on a sock for myself. Haven't started a sweater with the Euroflax Worsted yet. Aiming for 8 hours of sleep tonight. Haven't had that in 2 weeks.

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k said...

The St. John's Wort really works? How long did it take? I wonder if I did it wrong.
Let me try that again. It sounds like the St. John's wort is working well for you, because you sound like you are willing to take this stuff on. (Can you tell I'm in counseling?)
So, anyway. How long did it take to take effect?