Thursday, October 02, 2008

October Already?

Last night I forgot to share my October horoscope.

If the physical space you live in isn't due for a change or upgrade, and if you aren't focused on other property, you may be thinking about your parents. They may be making a few headlines in your life, hopefully for a good reason.

How about all of the above, and not for a good reason? The fall garage sale is imminent, and this weekend and every evening next week will be devoted to prepping for it. And the parental headlines are far from good.

Mercury retrograde periods are ideal for sifting through possessions to decide which to keep and which to box up and give away to charity.

Yup. Sifting through possessions. Check.

It is also OK to move when Mercury is out of phase, as long as you signed the lease or closed on the house prior to this month, well in advance of the retrograde. (Mercury went retrograde September 23, but was troublesome for about ten days prior to that.) If you have to sign papers now, do so with the realization that your plans are almost certain to change soon and you will have to go with the flow when that happens.

Boy and Girl are both moving during ths time, so let's hope it won't be too much trouble.

I did like this:

A big career matter is about to reach a big milestone or turning point on October 14 plus or minus four days. Neptune will be very friendly, so you may be involved with a new job that allows you to show your artistic, stylish side.

I want to mention that your creativity is about to take a big leap forward at this time, so if ever there was a time to experiment and even take a risk, it's now, after October 20. This is a very big trend that is just beginning to heat up and that will take you over the coming four weeks.

And I do hope this part is true:

Love will be positively brilliant for you too this month. (With an emphasis on home, career, and love, you will really have it made in October!) Trust that love is on the way, even if you don't see evidence of this immediately. You'll have too much on your mind with home and career heating up for you prior to the full moon October 14, but after October 20 you will move into your most bewitching time of the year. If you want to meet someone new, it looks like fate has plans for you!

Because this streak of bleak has to end eventually, right? Right???


Bess said...

Well - the stars certainly pegged your present situation - let us hope they are as on target with your future! Creativity, domesticity and love. Yum!

carlarey said...

Fingers crossed for that new love interest, and that he's flush with cash and likes to spread it around.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Bess, your present situation is nailed. Let's hope the future is too.


sallyjo said...

That email I sent you?

"We become forgetful and confused, and we tend to misunderstand others."

That explains a lot.

Janet said...

I didn't check on you for a couple days because I was afraid I was looking like a stalker, clicking on your blog all the time--so I didn't read about your mom until just now. oof. I'm just gobsmacked that you have to deal with this, again. But, interesting horoscope. I'm so glad you provide this service, since it's my horoscope too.

Hope you're having a big glass of wine right now.