Saturday, October 04, 2008

OMG, it's not just me!

I now confess to the entire Internets that I have had a schoolgirl crush on Joe Biden for 20 years. Yes, he's a "gaffe machine," mostly because he doesn't always pause to pick the right words, or, okay, fully form the ideas, before speaking from his heart. I don't always agree with him, but - love. Testosterone and strong verbs - and decency and those twinkling eyes. :::swoons and fans self::: This article nails it - and the comments! OMG, there's a sorority of Bidenettes out there! Squeal! Obama made me very happy when he picked Biden as his VP.

Another thing that makes me happy: as I am writing this, my TV is spewing another lying bullshit John McCain ad. Quickly followed by a reasonable Obama ad. I'm really, really happy that the Obama campaign isn't taking the shit, and responds quickly with factual ads of their own without stooping to McCain's scummy level.

And that concludes my political ranting for the week. I've been having some stress related issues - insomnia, etc., so I am deliberately pulling back from too much political talk.

Today Murphy goes to the groomer, I do garage sale prep work, we both visit my mother later. Action helps me feel somewhat less Overwhelmed.


Anonymous said...

Here in the Land Down Under we are watching your elections with bemusement and interest. Bemusement at the three ring circus impression (no offence intended)- in contrast our elections resemble a VERY sedate AGM. Interest - well, it WILL affect us to some degree.

Watched the Biden/Palin debate. Biden made the better impression. She is a dead-set worry, and the feeling here is that she might be shrewd, but she is as thick as two short planks............. And she did not so much as blink as JB spoke of his loss and fears in his family tragedy - no womanly acknowledgement of human pain.

Best of luck to you and the whole USA - I think you might need it.

Gae, in Callala Bay

ChelleC said...

Yes, Catherine, you are in need of stress relief. I spoke about that very thing on my latest blog entry. You need an Artist Date for sure. (I've been re-reading The Artist Way by Julia Cameron again here lately).

Catherine said...

Gae - not offended in the least, if you think it looks crazy from where you are, you should listen to the radio ads - they are horribly stupid and funny, complete with hissing, sinister announcer voices. Today the McCain/Palin rallies roused the crowd to ugliness, which is not funny at all. I am checking out of this from here on, I am not even watching tonight's debate (though I will read the highlights tomorrow). I will vote, my family (entirely Obama here) will vote, and the rest is out of our hands.