Friday, October 10, 2008

Tomorrow, my house gets a bit lighter.

I've been tagging for days now. It's not really that much Substantial Stuff, but it's a shitload of small stuff. I do hope someone with a passion for vintage shows up. In the course of preparing for this I finally opened two boxes of tchatchkes that have been taking up valuable garage shelf real estate for over ten years. Nothing in that box was of great sentimental value, and nothing got stickered for more than $5 - for a very nice vintage vase. There's another box of Christmas ornaments - I'm thinking of letting that one go as an entire box.

I do not feel guilty about garage sale-ing this stuff. My mother stuck me with it because she didn't know what to do with it and yet couldn't bear to give it away or throw it out, because "it's still nice!" So it came to live at my house. Where I didn't know what to do with it either, but also couldn't bring myself to pitch it. Crazy. I am not a knick-knack person. I am clean and fairly minimalist in my decor; clutter makes me cranky. Yet, I am programmed to not want to throw things out.

I think it will be a good garage sale, because there's a shitload of nice stuff and it's all priced irresistibly cheap. Garage sale prep is exhausting, especially when crammed in around the rest of life, like a stopped up sink and a busted toilet flusher (fixed those last night) and critters and laundry and on and on. This is the first unloading of a lot of little stuff. Next round, more furniture. Next round will be after the house is listed, which will be I know not when. Tomorrow is the sale, Sunday decent leftovers go to Goodwill, then it's the big trash-o-rama.

The funniest thing about dealing with all this vintage 50s crystal - I'm struck by how small the glasses are! I am keeping the martini glasses and the goblets, getting rid of a bazillion "cocktail" type glasses that haven't been used in 30 years. The martini glasses are so petite! Modern glasses are big enough to house a betta fish. These 50s era cocktail glasses - they really could hold only a three or four ounce drink at the most. Compare that to the supersized glassware we are used to today. Damn, Cousin C's wineglasses make mine look tiny, and I totally understand why she thinks she's a lightweight because she can't drink more than one glass. "Oh, I only had one glass of wine!" yeah, but it was a Big Gulp!

Spend a little time with vintage clothing, compare the sizes to modern sizing, and then with the glassware and such, and The Great Mystery of Why We Are Fat is really not all that mysterious. We consume at least twice as much as our grandparents did, AND aren't as active as they were, just living their lives burned more calories, and we eat twice as much as they did. It's a puzzlement; how will we ever figure it out?

Watching stock market tank, credit markets are in chaos, everything is crazy. My employment is on a more precarious level than those that are a few degrees of separation from the money flow. Future's so fuzzy, must wait for crystal ball to clear.

Nursing home nutritionist called today and asked if I thought my mother should have a feeding tube. She's down to 74 pounds. I asked if she'd talked to my mother about it yet. She hadn't. I suggested that she talk to her, because she is still definitely lucid enough to make that sort of decision. She knows what a feeding tube is; two years ago she was caring for my father's. She will tell perky nutritionist to shove it up her ass. And I would not deprive her of that last bit of autonomy.

And for the third or fourth time I've been told that the C-diff has Resolved! Did they test yet? No. Then I'll reserve my joy, thank you. My mother could still pull out of this dive, it's possible, but I am not holding my breath. I think she's tired of fighting. And I don't blame her. She's been through coming up on a year of being very sick, and she's tired.


T.T.J. said...

I'm so sorry about your mother, my mom was a very similar situation and I could almost tell you the day she just gave up. Good luck with the garage sale!

Bess said...

What t.t.j. said - but especially good luck with the sale. And don't you blush about the super sized - it's true and it's somewhat creepy but it's also good to see up front what's happening. With the market like it is, who knows - maybe we'll be supershrinking soon.

Hope $$$$$ fill your pockets and empty your garage.

km said...

It's too bad you couldn't be there to hear your mom tell the nutrition person.
And I think a tiny little martini might be a good end to the day.

zippiknits said...

I'm further along this road and hope my daughters let me make those decisions. Best wishes on the garage sale. It's good to pare down and lighten up. I'm ready to get rid of just about everything, and probably will before too long. Wise you are. :)