Sunday, October 26, 2008

When Smartass Zombies Attack!

Cross-posted from KR, for thems that don't read KR, with more details:

Sarah Palin was speaking at the Asheville (NC) Civic Center tonight. Tonight was also the Asheville Zombie Walk. This is just what it sounds like, a Halloween thing where people dress like zombies and walk through downtown being zombie-like. It's also a charity fundraiser.

Boy called me a while ago to report that the two events collided with great comic effect, as the Zombies sort of spontaneously wandered to the Civic Center (which is conveniently located within walking distance of the downtown bars), where they chanted at the McCain supporters: "Nooo...Brains...."

My son had to walk away from the other zombies to call me, because he knew I'd love it - and I did. I could hear what sounded like a street party in the background. Some of the zombies were dressed as Palin. He's hoping it makes CNN.

Per DailyKos, the organizer of the Asheville walk was smart enough to let the Secret Service know that this wasn't an organized protest and no threat, and actually was just a funny coincidence that their event and Palin's appearance was on the same weekend.

Wish I'd been there to see it!


Cursing Mama said...

Have you ever read Vicki at

--- It's a connection I had to make.

amarkonmywall said...

Catherine! Cursing mama has done something divine here. I think we have about 20 of those overlapping circle parts we studied lo, those many years ago. I was in Asheville on Sunday, laughing about the Palin rally with the few new friends I have in Asheville.

I'm laughing-hard-at the Ohio/people who move to Florida comment. For oh-so-many reasons.

And I'm sighing and tearing up reading your posts about your mother. That's a very hard one, especially after all you've been through. Your writing brings back memories of my mother's death a couple years ago- and the comments remind me of how very supportive and kind neighbors in this internet community can be.

I'm going to keep reading here- but first dash over to CM's to thank her for the introduction.

Catherine said...

This is really one of those serendipitous internets moments - damn, that gray cat? I've got his double sprawled on my couch right now. You're a zoo docent? I've always wanted to do that! And of course, Asheville. Too crazy to think that you were there while my son was Zombie Walking and also laughing about the Palin rally.