Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Day of Accomplishment.

The storage unit is done. A co-worker came to take the full-sized bed (even with its very funky little platform) and ended up taking the pink chair, too. Girl and I rented a cargo van and moved the dresser to my living room, where it is now a lovely, classy yarn storage unit. (No, my entire stash doesn't fit in those little drawers,[puh-leeze!] but it will hold the high priority stash, as well as tools. There are two small drawers at the top that will be perfect for tool storage - no more trying to figure out where I left stuff.)

Target provided the lamp, with a lovely gold shade with a fine red paisley design (totally lost in the photo). The silver tray was from my mother's, I put it there mainly as a cat deterrent. A flat surface without Stuff on it will be commandeered as a cat bed; so there must be Stuff. This is temporary stuff. But I do think this will be a great place for the Wee Christmas Twee.

The kitchen table and chairs and a box of linens are waiting to be fetched by a charity.

Two hours of a rented van and a lot of grunting and a few bruises, and it was done. Then it was the usual - laundry, groceries, Target, dog went to groomer.

Tomorrow it's off to the other house, for more packing and throwing out, and the auction guy shows up at 11 to take the furniture.

Monday it's back to work, then dinner with the cousins after work. They are staying down near my office for a couple of days, so I will meet up with them after work, then on Wednesday head for C's for a day or two, and do Thanksgiving. Murphy is all groomed and ready.

Then Girl has plans for the rest of the weekend, and I will be home, so I will have a black and white houseguest. By then I will be ready for a weekend of sloth.

It has been unseasonably chilly here, and I've been digging into the knitted things. I made a shawl a while back, a pattern from Folk Shawls from an extinct Berroco yarn from the stash. It had been hanging around a long time, never did become a sweater, and became an impulse shawl instead. And then I put it away, because it turned out looking suspiciously like half an afghan, cut on the diagonal. Well, I've pulled that thing out and I'm wrapped up in it while drinking my morning coffee.

It's Big. It's Beige. It's Blah. It's a lot like an afghan, cut on the diagonal. But it's warm and comfy, and I'm now thinking I would make another one of these days, but in something handpainted and somewhat more delicate. But right now, this is my go-to morning coffee shawl. Funny how the things that seemed like a flop sometimes end up being the go-to things.


Francesca said...

Looks perfect as a morning coffee shawl. Some things just need to find their niche. :-)


Catherine said...

Yeah, I wouldn't take it out of the house, but it's a comfy house shawl. It's huge, and it sheds. The back is too long. But it drapes nicely, and it works as a coffee drinking shawl.

dragon knitter said...

i have a *gasp* poncho i made out of *double gasp* lion brand homespun that i made to wear at work (that place used to be a meat locker in the winter), and i wear it in the winter at night, when i'm on the computer. this corner is frigid. yes, it's hideously ugly. but it helps.

Linda said...

Love your Morning Coffee Shawl. I really need to make one too. Something huge to snuggle in and too long in the back so the small (ha!) of my back isn't exposed when I sit down. And just hoely enough that I don't wear it any further than the curb to fetch the paper. Sounds like the perfect accessory to me.

Anonymous said...

Last night I dug out a sweater I finished last year and very nearly gave to charity. Lamb's pride, hairy and heavy, I figured I would never wear it as I would die of heat stroke. But it fit nice (it was my first sweater with short rows that allowed for the b**bage). But we're keeping the house at 55 degrees and we've barely been above freezing for a week. Guess what feels good....