Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally Friday!

Yes, there were layoffs. No, I wasn't one of them. On this round. Yay. It was an otherwise a busy week, hence the blog silence. Next week will also be full, and, I hope, fun. This weekend, not so much. Tomorrow Girl and I are renting a cargo van and unloading the storage unit - we are down to a cargo van because I found a home for the double bed, a co-worker needs it and I gave it to her, so she's coming to collect it. No more storage unit bill. Yay. Then Sunday furniture auction guy will come collect the furniture from my mother's house, cross that off the to-do list. Check and engagement letter have been sent to attorney, to get that ball rolling. Stuff is getting done, in my ample spare time around a job that has suddenly become busier and more interesting. While it lasts.

But next week - NEXT week, may, just may, be fun. Honestly, I feel like I am tempting the Universe saying this out loud, but yeah, it might not suck.(Is it safe to say that?) Cousins are coming down for Thanksgiving, Murphy and I are going visiting, There will be a lot of eating, drinking, laughing. Cousin S and J are witty, funny, interesting guys, we will have a blast. And I have been collecting gifts for Cousin C, who has been my rock through all of the crazy lately, and there will also be wine and such for S and J. We will party like...we aren't middle aged. Oh wait, J is a mere child in his 30s still. We will party like we've earned it. That works.

There has been a serious lack of knitting around these parts. Every now and then I pick up a sweater that needs finishing and knit a few stitches. I am on the second sock and I don't have second sock syndrome, so that, too, gets a round or two when I think about it. But I'm in a knitting dry spell. I have the urge, but not the focus. I think my Flat Things Thing has run out of gas. I still crave flat knitting, but a girl can have only so many scarves and shawls, especially in FL. The sock thing is just sorta wacky, because, again, I rarely have cause to wear them. Sweaters - sweaters just feel like too much work right now. Maybe a dog sweater is the ticket. If I had a stash of acrylic I'd make blankies for animal shelters, or something.

I'm not saying I'm at the End of the Knitting Universe, but I need to pause, re-focus, regroup. Too many other things are pushing for attention right now.


Linda said...

Knitting is your friend, it will always be there. Family is so important. Have a great week with the cousins and Happy Thanksgiving!

Francesca said...

So glad you a) are still employed (double-edged sword, I know!) and b) have something fun coming up. I hear ya on the knitting dry spells. But yarn is patient! :-)