Friday, November 07, 2008

Long Overdue Actual Post.

Oh my God, the week has been tiring, frustrating, thrilling, annoying, and mostly wine-infused.

Thrilling - President Obama. Damn. I love him already - I thought his first moves - his selections for his staff - were perfect. As evidence I offer the whining and cries of "No fair!" on the Right. They were painting Obama as this inexperienced kid (I am still delighted that one can be an inexperienced ignorant kid at 47, because that means at 50 I'm a slip of a girl) and he has TURNED ON THEM! By having a plan from day one and knowing how to play this!

They are Offended! His first picks for staff are experienced ass-kickers! We've been mocking him as this unicorns and bunnies idealist without a clue, and he has betrayed us! How could he? This isn't Change! Yes it is, it's a change back toward where we were going before you damn near destroyed the country. It's going to be a herculean task, and you will shriek and jump up and down and throw poo every step of the way, we all know this. But he isn't even inaugurated yet and you are already whining and assuming the mantle of victimhood. Wow, that's what we all want leading our country in a time of extreme crisis on every front - the bunch that claims victimhood every time they don't get their way. Perhaps, if you ever summon any introspection, you might figure out that this is why it turned out this way. Try to be big boys, and if you can't, at least fake being grown-up and shut up. You sound ridiculous. Learn to be irrelevant with dignity. Or at least in silence.

Boy - back in Asheville, and now maybe shipping out TDY (temporary duty, for those who don't have those acronyms burned in their brains) to Denver for a couple of months, for his estranged employer that now apparently needs him. Not his idea, they approached him, and let's just say trust is worn thin, so he has terms for this. He'll do it, but his credit card must never leave his wallet. Airfare, modest rental car, small suite in a suite hotel near the property. Fronting money for the company - NFW (You can figure that one out, I think.) I hope he does get to go, but of course Mother offered motherly advice - You were raised in Florida. You have no idea what cold feels like. I can't knit fast enough for this, you'll have to shop. I hope he goes if he wants to and they meet his terms - he's never seen that part of the country. And a Florida Boy in Colorado in Winter could be quite entertaining.

Girl - the only one reasonably secure right now. Good job, decent paycheck, plan for her future, nice rented townhouse, her worst issue is an ongoing battle with the cable company over installation issues.

Me - my mother's estate is a second full time job, not because it is huge and I am now an heiress who can quit my job and whine about the stress of remodeling projects and take four vacations a year to recover, but because the smallest things are a pain in the ass. And the bigger things are a bigger pain. I talked to a local estate sale guy, in business for 30+ years, and described my mother's furniture - 50+ years old, high quality, and in like new condition - and he sighed. There is no market right now. So he may not be helpful, and next I will shop digital photos to local quality vintage furniture dealers. I would be fine with donating it to charity, honestly, but it's the wrong stuff for either thrift stores or direct donation to needy families. (Beautiful to look at, sucks for flopping down to read a story or watch football.) And the higher end consignment shops aren't likely to want to schlep to BFE to pick up furniture in this market. Alternatively, I can find homes for individual pieces and leave the dining room set to convey with the house. And that's just the furniture issues - we won't get into the rest. It's the furniture, cubed.

Oh, and where I was workwise, at the end of last year? So there, again. Layoff clock ticking, and if I were management, I'd lay me off.

I ended 2007 saying it had been fucking insane. This year? Is equal, if not topping it.

I do think about how this reads on this blog - damn, she's exaggerating and being dramatic for effect! The reality is that I'm leaving half the shit out. Three quarters of the shit. I do not share details about my working life, or even my private life. I just hit I take it one day at a time, I can do this, can't fix that, that will have to wait.

But every time I think "President Obama," I do smile, and feel warmer and safer.


Rachael said...

I'm just catching up on blogs, and I see that I left off with your blog the day before your mother died. My deepest, sincerest condolences. Thank you for writing about her so honestly, with so much heart. All love to you.

Martha said...

Miz C,

When the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series, I somewhat jokingly said that I could check one thing off my worry list. The next thing was the Presidential election.

so the next big thing was the election. Woo hoo, pass the wine & give another cheer.

Last week I attended a conference in NC. One of the presenters is from Hawaii - he said he is glad to have the 1st Hawaiian president ^ .. ^

Thanks for all you write about your life, your family & the world as we know it. I am sure you leave lots out - I am glad for what you leave in.


Catherine said...

Awww, Rachael and Martha - you know, this blog may not get a lot of traffic but I really do feel like everybody who comments here is a friend. Martha I know IRL - Rachael, any chance you and Lala can do MDS&W next spring? It's looking pretty good for me at the moment (of course, that is tempting fate).